Samurai Project By: Jeremy Maldonado p.7

How Japan became a military society

Japan became a military society because their government was becoming very weak. This happened because the emperor actually had little power. Also they were getting weak because they were getting attcked and losing money.

The emporer had very little to no power. So all of the power went to the daimyo. The daimyo took control of the government and they had a private samurai army. After the daimyo the shogun took over.

Samurai weapons and Armor

A samurai's armor was loose and flexible so the samurai could move swiftly and easily. Their armor consisted of bamboo, leather, and silk. The armor was flexible but strong enough to with hold a a weapon hit.

A samurai practiced martial arts and kendo (A type of swordsman ship). But this was not a samurai's only weapon, they also had to carry an arry of weapons which include a katana, a bow and arrow, a dagger, and so on.

A Samurai's traning and warrior code.

A samurai had to go through alot of physical and mental traning. They went through physical test because they had to be strong and powerful. But they also had to go through a lot of mental traning because they had to stay loyal to their shogun or diamyo. A samurai had their own warrior code too, called Bushido.

Bushido had seven virtues, integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. A typical samurai was expected to follow these virtues. But if one disobeyed any of these rules, showed no loyalty, or to refuse a task give to one, he would have to perform Seppuku.

Seppuku was ritual suicied. This was performed if one disobeyed the seven virtues of bushido, showed no loyalty, or failed a task given to him. This was typically performed infront the his family.

Traning in writing, literature, and poems.

A samurai was normally trained to write and write poems too. One samurai even invented a type of poem called haiku. That is a poem that the first line of the poem has 5 sylablles, the second line has 7, and the third has 5.

Amida and Zen Buddhism

A samurai also practiced zen buddhism. They thought that was their way of buddhism. They also practiced amida buddhism which they got from east Asia.

Women in a samurai society

Women also got trained in the ways of the samurai because when the husband samurai left for battle, the wife had to defend their land. In the 12th century samurai women were very respected and had a high calss. But in the 17th century they lost all of the respect they had and all the priority was on the men.

Thank you for watching my presentation on samurai!!


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