John Ross. The new star? John Ross had a liGhtning Fast 40 time. But how will it affect his draft value?

Imagine you want to go to the NFL. Your running a timed 40 yard dash. Scouts look on as you run to see your fast enough to play for their team. Your done running and you break the record! Now all teams Know your the fastest of all the receivers. This is what John Ross expierenced. At the combine, John Ross beat Chris Johnson's modern 40 yard dash record. Speed is very important for a wide receiver. He is no question the fastest wide receiver in the draft. The real question is, how will it effect his draft value?

John Ross running the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine stated,"Davis and Williams were both plenty productive and showed more than enough to be top receivers. But 4.22 ( his 40 yard dash time)is special. Maybe enough that Ross is in the conversation to go ahead of Davis and/or Williams."They are stating that he was not going to go ahead of Corey Davis and Mike Williams before he set the record, but now he will go ahead. SB nation thinks that his 40 time will make him more valuable.

John Ross' 40 yard dash compared to Julio Jones and Odell Beckham. Two very good NFL wide receivers agrees. Bucky Brooks, a writer for, stated "That's why Ross is poised to make a serious climb up draft boards after posting a 4.22-second time in the 40 that confirmed his explosiveness as a playmaker." He is saying that scouts see him as a bigger threat in the NFl because of his 40 time so because of this, he will get drafted in earlier than before.

John Ross celebrates a touchdown he scored for the university of Washington

Because of his 40 yard dash time, it is very possible that John Ross will get drafted early in the first round. Who would pass up someone as fast as ross?

John Ross slowing down at the end of his record breaking 40.

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