Week 1: Maps and Places Your guide to Digimap for Schools

Welcome to week 1. Take 10 minutes to learn how to:

  • Find your location.
  • Move around your map.
  • View contemporary, Aerial and Historic maps, similar to the maps below.
  • Sound good? Just move down the page to get started.
Sample maps from Digimap for Schools

Finding your place

  • search using a postcode, place name or national grid reference.
  • double click or double tap on the map to zoom in on your location.

Move and scale your map

scale bar
  • click and drag, or touch and drag, to move in any direction.
  • use the NSEW arrows, or your keyboard arrow keys, to move in any direction.
  • zoom in/out by selecting notches on the scale bar.
  • zoom in/out with mouse wheel.
  • zoom in with double click or double tap.

Aerial and Historic maps

Aerial maps and historic maps from the 1890s and 1950s are available. Open the map selector tool on the right of the map to get started.

map selector tool

Try it out!

Suggested learning resources:

Useful links:

Free webinars: http://digimapforschools.blogs.edina.ac.uk/webinars/

Learning resources for all stages: https://dfsresources.edina.ac.uk/

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