Blue spotted ribbon stingray Elyssa Hancock

Blue spotted ribbon stingrays or Taeniura lymma is a beautiful creature A group of that species is called a fever. The blue spotted ribbon stingray is a greatly intriguing organism, because of its poison, non buoyancy, and the ability to use electroreception.

The stingrays poison is incredibly harming. said “there are two grooves on the ventral side of the spine contains glands that produce venom made up of 5- nucleotidase, phosphodiesterase, and serotonin.” National Geographic also stated, “the underside(of the spine) may produce venom that is fatal to humans.”

Blue spotted ribbon sting ray has the wonderful adaptation of electroreception. Electroreception... and the ability to perceive fields or currents occurring in natural surroundings.”said worldbook.

All stingrays are not buoyant which means they do not float. wrote, “Stingrays lack the swim bladder and oil-filled liver that make fish buoyant...Due to their lack of buoyancy, stingrays can sink to the ocean floor and hide from predators in the sand.

Stingrays have these abilities because they need to protect themselves. The ocean is a dangerous world that a deadly poison or having the physical ability to sink can keep you protected from.

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