The American Medical Association has launched the Health2047 with the goal to transform the US healthcare system. The for-profit organization is now speeding up its efforts to make possible provision of the next generation healthcare services, besides building the capacity and enhancing the effectiveness of healthcare facilities.

The foremost priority of AMA is to develop the Health2047 as a partnership between physicians and their patients to improve a wide array of healthcare solutions and deliver reliable health outcomes. The product orientation and entrepreneurial DNA of Health2047 are developing new ways to bring viable health solutions to the market within no time.

In simple terms, Health2047 is a designed prototyping innovation studio. Based in San Francisco, the Health2047 team is collecting smart ideas to help build investable prototypes geared towards enhancing the healthcare sector.

The philosophy that powers Health2047 is that the rich knowledge of the physicians and the robust workflow systems in the healthcare spread across multiple geographies should be unified and brought forward so that viable solutions could be found to the most demanding healthcare problems. The organization aims to bridge the scattered healthcare services and facilities to a tech-opulent region that uses the knacks, attitudes, and values of a place like Silicon Valley.

Health2047 is committed to change the development procedure by creating measurement technologies that fit with the recent healthcare system and its data gathering as well.

Physicians have the habit to adopt new technologies. But when they don’t use a new instrument or technology, it’s due to the non-optimization of the tool or technology. With a prototype of the technology provided by Health2047, the physician’s test of technology would avoid this kind of disconnection prior to mass scale production of the tool or technology.

Till now, AMA has invested about $15 million in Health2047, becoming the primary investor of Health2047. The AMA linked physicians and members are willing to be part of the tech testing. Furthermore, the company also allows AMA to control the power of technology community while drawing talent and investors.

The advantages for AMA is that it can use its organizational structure and membership base to leverage a rapid-prototyping, multifunctional, design-oriented culture for Health2047, as exist in Silicon Valley.

The Health2047 is an incredibly exciting venture launched by the AMA. The for-profit organization aims to be on the forefront to defining what the healthcare organization of the 21st century looks like. This article discusses the work Health2047 is doing to innovate the US healthcare sector.

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