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Vlad Mosmondor - Director, Designer Fellow DIA FAS ADD

For over 35 years, Vlad has been successfully translating complex abstract ideas into unique and simple, but readily recognisable, high quality visual design solutions in any medium. His extensive portfolio of work is illustrated below.

Exhibitions, designs, installations

A range of projects, sculpture, installations and publications

One of the first early posters before the conception of computers, this was done by ‘cut and paste’. Vlad also designed and used his own font for the Saint John Ambulance ACT poster
Vlad’s cover design for Hawk High School Year Book 1969 Narrabundah Canberra
50 Years Reunion - Commemoration Poster, designed by Vlad (1 December 2019)
Narrabundah College visit by the ‘class of 69’ (29 November 2019)
Self portrait

A compilation of Vlad’s logos, some famous logos produced: NCDC, Hawker College, City Paid Parking, National Press Club and Canberra Theatre Logo.

Vlad’s article published in the Croatian magazine, medugorje 2019
Vlad’s article in the Catholic Voice, click below to read the article
In any work you do, you look at it from the point of view of how you can improve it. Vlad Mosmondor
Original artist drawing by Vladimir Mosmondor, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra ACT.
Sculpture made in fibre glass by Vlad Mosmondor. John Gordon, 19th Prime Minister of Australia from 1968 to 1971.

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