Technology Showcase | 2018 Barbe High School

Barbe High School

Established 1971

The goal of education at Alfred M. Barbe High School is to provide students with the tools which will enable them to identify and develop their interests and abilities and to relate these to their responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society. The school strives to encourage each young person's sense of worth by helping all students attain their goals intellectually, physically, aesthetically, emotionally, and morally.


  • Randy Yellott, Principal
  • Robert Gates, Assistant Principal
  • Jerome Goodly, Assistant Principal
  • Terry Leger, Assistant Principal
  • Amy Palmer, Assistant Principal
  • Carmen Sutton, Assistant Principal

Technology Showcase Classrooms

Teachers whose classrooms are a part of the Technology Showcase have also volunteered for pineapple chart observations. This means that their classrooms are open to observers who would like to see how they are integrating technology to support student learning. This provides the opportunity for Barbe High School faculty and staff to conduct peer-to-peer observations to learn and share technology tools and resources. For more information about pineapple charts, visit this TCEA blog.

TOUR 1: Colin Broussard (French) - Lexie Griggs (World Geography) - Holly Land (Algebra I) - Kimberly Patton (Biology) - Eloise Pruitt (AP Psychology)

TOUR 2: Blaire Derouen (Spanish II) - Jeremy Grant (Special Education) - Lyndsey Leblanc (Biology) - Drew Mills (Civics) - Marcie Rome (Art)

The tour guides for the showcase are members of the Barbe High School Student Council.

Colin Broussard - French I & II

B.A. Foreign Language French Concentration, McNeese State University, 2016 | B.S. Psychology, 2016

During the tour, French students are completing a digital scavenger hunt in the city of Paris. They are creating digital passports to chronicle their travel which are being shared with the class via Padlet as students immerse themselves in the points of interest using virtual reality.

Technology Tools & Resources

Blaire Derouen - Spanish I & II

B.G.S, Concentration in Arts & Humanities, McNeese State University, 2013 | Certified Spanish K-12

Visitors to Ms. Derouen's classroom will observe how to manage iPads in a high school environment in addition to a variety of apps and resources to integrate in the foreign language classroom. Students are working with past tense verbs and are creating their own films. Tour participants are encouraged to scan the QR codes posted to see how technology is integrated to support student learning.

Technology Tools & Resources

Jeremy Grant - special education

B.A. Theology, Baptist College of Florida, 2004 | M.A. Christian Education, Cornerstone University, 2007 | M.A. Education in Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2019 | Certified Mild/Moderate Special Education, Business Education, History, and Technology Education

Students in this classroom integrate technology in many ways. They're using Adobe Photoshop and the drawing table to learn about design publication and students' work has been published in Jambalaya and Thrive magazines. They use Nearpod to learn subject content while one of the students delivers the lesson. Finally, students are learning how to design and print items in 3D.

Technology Tools & Resources

Lexie Griggs - world geography

B.A. Social Studies Education, McNeese State University, 2009

World Geography students are immersed in a project-based learning activity in which they are collaborating and using critical thinking to devleop zombie survival plans while addresing geography and literacy standards.

Technology Tools & Resources

Holly Land - algebra I

B.S. Mathematics, McNeese State University, 2012

Algebra students are reinforcing skills related to graphing linear equations by using the TI-Nspire calculators to calculate solution sets. Students then code the Sphero to the solution sets and determine points of intersection. Graphs are then posted to Blackboard for students to evaluate in a discussion board.

Technology Tools & Resources

Lyndsey Leblanc - biology

B.A. Secondary Biology Education | Minor in Secondary Math Education | Member of High School Biology Content Team

Students in Ms. Leblanc's classroom are completing a station review of genetics using a variety of technological tools. To facilitate the collaborative student stations, Ms. Leblanc is using a Lightspeed Activate System.

Technology Tools & Resources

Drew Mills - civics

B.A. Secondary Social Studies Education | 10 Years Experience

Students in Mr. Mills's class are working in stations. In one, students are creating their own animated campaign commercials and sharing it via Blackboard for peer analysis and feedback. In another, students are involved in a virtual lesson to help learn about the difference between "real" and "fake" news. Other students are involved in a Google Expedition touring significant election locations and creating a postcard to commemorate the experience. Finally, others are involved in an online game that simulates the experience of campaigning for the presidency.

Technology Tools & Resources

Kimberly Patton - biology

B.A. Physical Education from UAM | MAT from Louisiana College

During today's tour, participants will see students working on a genetic disorder augmented reality project. For the project, students have conducted research and have created video content to produce an augmented reality experience.

Technology Tools & Resources

Eloise Pruitt - AP Psychology

B.A. History, LSU | MAT, McNeese State University | CPSB Blackboard Mentor | CPSB English In-Service/Curriculum Team

AP Psychology students are demonstrating their interactive models of the human brain, which they created using coding and electronics through MakeyMakey and Scratch. Mrs. Pruitt’s utilization of Blackboard, AirKeyboard, FlipGrid, and an interactive survey activity are all showcased.

Technology Tools & Resources

Marcie Rome - art

B.A. Psychology, McNeese State University | Art Education Certification | Educational Technology Facilitator, LSU

The art curriculum is comprised on four disciplines: creative expression, aesthetic perception, historical & cultural perspective, and critical analysis. In Mrs. Rome's classroom, Seesaw is used to reach all four disciplines with digital portfolios, art history research, artist statements, peer critiques, and more.

Technology Tools & Resources

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