Good Life Tour of the Harn Jake Baumel

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Zandvoort, Frank Stella, born 1936.

A piece of artwork that stood out to me was Frank Stella’s famous work, Zandvoort. I was able to appreciate the piece more by seeing it person because of how much the piece of art stood out to me in person as opposed to online. By seeing this famous work in person, I was able to truly understand Stella’s message behind his work of the animated painting and vibrant colors which allow the viewer to see the “adrenaline” rush of the racing experience Stella wishes for his viewers to notice. Zandvoort was the first piece of art at the Harn museum that came to my attention, and in fact, the variety of colors struck me.

Design of the Museum

Fancy Dress Masquerades in Ghana

The African Masquerades exhibit was appealing to me. I found it appealing how the exhibit showed the transformation in the materiality of the mask as well as the spirit gear. I found it interesting reading about the religious and spiritual meanings behind the masking. What I also appreciated about that exhibit is how there just wasn’t art present, meaning the mask. Besides the masks and other physical clothing present, the exhibit provided pictures of civilians of African tribes participating in the rituals showing us where and when the masks are worn. I found the other exhibits less entertaining due to the fact there were just pictures present, unlike the African Masquerades exhibit.

Art and Core Values

Jim Twadell's Place by George Wesley Bellows

Jim Twadell’s Place by George Wesley Bellows appeals to my core values. A core value that struck to me immediately after seeing the piece of art was family. Observing the painting of a beautiful home in a rural neighborhood I asked myself how great it would be to raise a family in a house like the one in George Wesley Bellow’s piece of art. For me family means everything. Bellow’s artwork did carry some emotion in me. In fact, the artwork motivated me to work harder in life so I can have the opportunity to raise a family in a house just like the one in his beautiful work.

Art and the Good Life

African Masquerade Ceremony

I believe the good life theme depicted in the piece of art above is coming together for rituals and other traditions. People are different and may have different schedules, but we see the African Masquerade ceremony is what brings its people together. It communicates the good life theme by showing the importance of tradition in the society, which brings its people together. I also believe a tribe of people are the most successful when its people come together and celebrate together. No matter how divided a tribe may seem to be, the traditions and rituals like the one above will bring the tribe closer, leading its people to the good life.

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