The Test that Screws Your Life Brady j Laz AP LANG G3

One test. One fricking test defines the rest of my life's journey. Do Good, your set for life, do bad you might be lucky to get out of your parents basement. My countless hours practicing tips, practice test, and material still hasn't gotten me to my families expectations. All I hear is "Why can't you be more like your sisters" or "You know your sister got a better score you moron." And all i see are these corny videos on you tube and websites like "Easy Ways to Get a 36". No It is not that simple. If you watched this stupid video I don't think you'd even go up by more than 1 point overall.

My councilor comforts me saying that my GPA will help me get into the colleges of my choice but i think that corny. I try to get help from tutors from all sorts of companies but their all just a bunch of phony sonuvabitches that want to take my hard working money... just like all these moronic college tuition's.

Every time I think of studying for this useless test, i always get side tracked from my efforts to be with my girlfriend. My phony girlfriend that i tried not to get in a relationship but she brainwashed me into it. Shes leading me to a community college and who knows where she'll lead me next. Standardized Testing that's a word i really hate, every time I hear it I want to puke. The things I'd do. The things to be in the 95th percent tile and say "screw your score!" to my phony sisters. I'm taking this use less exam in February and if i don't do good, i think its just time to give up.

You know what? Hopefully I don't get into the right college so I don't have to live my life going to some BS job that I don't even like. So You know what I say to colleges, Sleep Tight, Ya Morons!

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