My Cat - My Inspiration Meet Ozzy who rules us, all!

I love taking photos and my best subject is cats, especially Ozzy our now oldest furry baby of the two, who, we adopted five years ago and who is the most camera friendly and cuddly cat anyone would have wished to have as a companion as well as of course our newest addition, Tolkien, who is 9 months old, our little black panther who is as soft and cuddly as Ozzy!

Tolkien loves sitting on hoomins!
Posing for the camera....am I cute enough hoomin?

Ozzy loves posing for the camera and showing off his ‘best features’, his pretty face and cute paws who he likes exposing to the camera....’love me but fear me too, my claws are sharp!’.

Ozzy loves to hide and trying to catch drops from the tap.....He considers himself a very good hunter and no drops would escape him even if that means getting wet in the process!

Ozzy was abandoned when he was quite young because his then humans decided that they only wanted the one cat instead of the two they originally had adopted (Ozzy and his sister), the prettier one (in their opinion). So they wanted to get rid of Ozzy by having him put down, despite the fact that he was a young and health cat. Luckily for Ozzy one of the neighbours got involved and took Ozzy to the local cat shelter to be rehomed instead. So he ended up living with us when the shelter told us that he needed a home and how he ended up in the shelter. We were very lucky to find him.

Ozzy would hide anywhere.....and snooze in the most comfortable places

Ozzy, like many other rehomed cats with previous bad experiences or cats that were weaned too early, he has become very attached to his hoomins, loves attention all the time and likes playing with Tolkien and demanding attention or food from his hoomins!

Don’t annoy me meow hoomin....I have claws!

At the same time he is very playful and because he never learned the right social skills as a kitten he still thinks and behaves like a kitten....or a puppy, it depends on the moment!

Ozzy can be entertained quite easily....even a pencil is enough to keep him going for a while

Ozzy is very friendly and loves being around his hoomins most of the time and of course also loves eating as well and like many indoors only cats has adopted many human behaviours and quite often he acts and behaves like a human...a spoiled one perhaps. And of course he is very curious and wants to know and investigate everything and be everywhere at the same time!

Ozzy likes like most cats to observe his dominion from high places!
He likes relaxing with his hoomins

Ozzy is of course the one who is in charge of hoomins at home and the one who has also his own blog where he is not afraid to express his opinion for many things that believes his hoomins and that pesky Tolkien are doing wrong and which blog he publishes weekly!

Ozzy is very photogenic and he has some unique features that make him look purrfect when he is posing for the camera....

Of course we also need to mention the youngest family member as well, Tolkien, the black 9 month kitten who loves attention from his hoomins and playing with Ozzy (and Ozzy of course likes playing with Tolkien and acting like he is a kitten himself).

Tolkien checking the world outside.

Although Tolkien is very cute, soft and cuddly he is also a black cat which means also that his photos are not as popular as Ozzy’s. Not everybody seems to like black cats and the general belief is that all black cats look the same. Which is of course totally wrong as all cats are uniquely beautiful creatures no matter what colour or breed they might be!

Tolkien napping on his current favourite spot.

Ozzy’s blog is called An Ozzyssey - Ozzy’s adventures at home and you can follow his weekly meows and purrs along with his growling about the hoomins and Tolkien here:

You can also contact me by email if you want to know anything about cat photography or any of the photos appearing here or for any cat behaviour issues at kirkiecat@yahoo.co.uk.

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