Recyclable Solid Waste Collection Project iCARE

The Green Fund sponsored Recyclable Solid Waste Collection Project more fondly known as iCARE, is the successor of the Beverage Containers Clean-Up Project (BCCP). iCARE which is an acronym for Community, Awareness, Recycle, Everyday, is the catalyst for the development of a recycling culture in Trinidad & Tobago. The project aims to create heightened public awareness on the benefits of recycling and the adverse effects of poor waste management.
iCARE seeks to go a step further than the collection of beverage containers, with the inclusion of e-waste. The primary objective is to logistically prepare the country for the passage of the Waste Management Rules while strengthening the infrastructure to implement other relevant legislation with respect to a deposit and refund system for recyclables.
How to prepare recyclables for disposal in iCARE bins
iCARE Public Collection Sites
Accomplishments of iCARE

The ICARE project in its initial pilot phase kicked off in June 2015 and has achieved the following:

  • Two weekends of island-wide curbside recyclable collection were conducted: Aug 22-24, 2015 (344 trucks; 2786 bags) & Aug 29-30, 2015 (232 trucks; 3349 bags);
  • Establishment of branded bins in seventy (70) Collection Sites;
  • Collected over 370,000 bags of recyclables from collections sites around the island;
  • Conducted sensitization sessions for Corporate entities, Summer Camps and Schools;
  • Hosted a Recycling Exhibition at UTT O’Meara which featured companies & organizations involved in recycling initiatives April 2017;
  • Collaborated with Ministry of Rural and Local Government for the Nationwide Clean Up Campaign in Jan – May 2017;
  • Partnered with NGOs for clean-up/collection activities: United Way, Cashew Gardens, International Coastal Clean-up and many more;
  • Establishment of three (3) pilot depots for the collection, sorting and data capture of recyclable materials from collection sites situated all across Trinidad.
How to Contact iCARE
  • Dale Cozier, Senior Project Manager – 645-7100 ext.4269 dcozier@ema.co.tt;
  • Kimberly Phillip, Project Officer – 645-7100 ext. 4293 kphillip@ema.co.tt;
Project News
iCARE Project Partners
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