Segregation and Discrimination By: Aiym Kurmanbevoka

Martin Luther King Jr said that “There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion”.

Jim Crow Laws were created to separate black and white people, Black People used the Amendment for equal right, and lived their life in bad environment.

Martin Luther King Jr saw how black people were treated and he did not want to give up and he continued working for the black peoples rights in America.

A step further to equality were the amendments that were made. for example

In the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment, Slavery was not allowed anymore and the United State Constitution granted blacks citizenship with a guarantee of equal protection under the law and gave black males the right to vote.

During segregation life was very hard for African Americans, white people treat them very badly and poorly. They did not live in nice houses and they did not have a good education and even a good paying job. Whites discriminated blacks as they walked through town. Black leaders educated blacks in horrible working conditions. Segregation and Discrimination lasted nearly sixty years. African Americans suffered in discrimination for sixty years.

As you can see whites wanted blacks to go back to their own country only because they were of different color and religion. It was not right separating them from whites , even when everyone is the same. Jim Crow Law were unfair and the amendment did little to help. The condition were terrible and the white harshly discriminated black. Till these days people are still racist because of the skin color, nationality or even religion.

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