Graphic Portrait Alina Liu

Renaissance Self-portrait

These are my research
Finally I chose this one


My renaissance self-portrait's background is the stage. And I use a warm colour backgroud to fit with my picture. In my right hand is a iphone. The colour of iphone is so bright for my background, so I use colour balance to make colour looks more warm. on the left side of corner, there is a robot sit on the floor. This robot looks like a leopard. The reason why I choose this is to want to have constast with picture. Because the theme of my picture is retro, but the robot is more modern than picture. Also I change the colour for this robot. When I first time put all the things into picture, it looks really strange. Throught this assignment, I learned to ues colour balance to make whole things looks like together. In the future , I will use this skill to control whole picture to make it looks comfortable.

Surrealistic Portrait

My research
My final


The reason why I have this picture is from movie "Superman". This character is called " Catwomen". Just like her name, she looks like a cat. So I put cat's ears on my head. The best part of my picture is my mouth. I put a cat on my face, but it looks not fit with me. So I use eraser to make the edge of cat's mouth pellucidity. So that picture can not looks like fake.My surreal portraits's background is a living room. I choose it is because most of cats are lived in house, and the colour of my cat's ears and eyes are orange. So this backeground is the best one for me. These skills of using Photoshop can help me to do more surreal picture.

Portrait Photography

Only use one Light from back

In this assignment, I learnd that throught different angles, different intensity light, can have different result. I can use this skill when I go traveling, to take wonderful picture and keep it forever.

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