Allen Eagle Escadrille TWIB Notes September 14-20, 2020

Message from Dr. Obado

  • "BLAST" FUNDRAISER: All students are asked to participate in this year's online donation fundraiser. See information below.
  • TUESDAY/THURSDAY EVENING REHEARSALS (6-8:30pm): Tues (9/15): Red Band (Track)/Blue Band (Rugby), Thurs (9/17): Red Band (Rugby), Blue Band (Track)
  • DISTRIBUTION DAYS: Tues (9/15) will distribute Dry-Fit T-Shirts for Marching Band Students only at Track Stadium. Sat (9/19) will distribute Red Drawstring Bags, Field Jackets, and Spirit Items from 7am-9am in the Eagle Stadium Parking Lot.
  • PICTURE DAY (SAT. 9/19): 7am-7:30am in Eagle Stadium for marching band students only.
  • GAME 1 PLAYLIST: What music do we need to print out?
  • AT-HOME & IN-PERSON INSTRUCTIONAL MODEL CHANGE: Scroll below for more information.
  • ELIGIBILITY & GRADES: Please check Skyward grades and be on the lookout for any grades below a 70. Students that have below a 70 in an on-level class after September 18 will be considered ineligible and will not be able to participate in football games and contests.

Blast Donation Drive

What is Blast? We are using Blast to fundraise this season. It allows us to raise money using email and text messaging to your donors. Throughout the season we can post photos, videos, and recaps to our Blast page. The coverage we post gets emailed to donors showing them what their donation paid for.

Are we providing a list of emails and phone numbers to create a donor list? Yes - we are not selling products (like cookie-dough, candy, or discount cards). We are providing photos and videos of YOUR experiences to your donors (neighbors, family, parent co-workers, anybody that cares about you!).

Do students keep the profit for their band account? No. AISD does not allow individual student accounts for activities. These funds go towards non-fee revenue items/services for the band such as props, student leadership training, clinician expenses, special meals for students, scholarships, and equipment needs.

Why should we fundraise? Unlike most band programs (including all of our neighboring band programs), we do not charge fees that go beyond student items. Our fees are low because we only charge fees that pay for attire, dry-cleaning on normal years, refreshment fees, and instrument usage. Our boosters provide equipment, special student meals, leadership training, props, clinician expenses, music commissions, and many other needs that go beyond our district budget. This is a unique year where our booster budget is getting cut to get through a challenging revenue-generating year. We are in danger of not procuring funds towards our needs this year and next. If we are unable to successfully fundraise, we will need to increase our student fees to to maintain our current needs or provide less for our students. This is an easy and critical fundraiser for all of us!

What are our goals? All we need to do is provide 20 quality contacts (email addresses and/or phone numbers). That's it! There is a goal of generating $200 from your contacts. That's ensuring you can get 20 contacts that could donate at least $10. (Or 8 contacts that can donate $25, or 4 that can donate $50 - you get the idea). Remember, your donors are getting YOUR Blast page that we will provide photos and pictures. You can also provide your own special photos and pictures for your donors as well. This is better than selling overpriced cookie-dough that may sit in a freezer for months or a tiny discount card that will get lost or forgotten!

Color Guard, Percussion, Jazz Band? You can have your donors contribute for speciality groups like the color guard, percussion, or jazz band instead of the whole band. The guard needs floors for the winter. Percussion has so much equipment that needs replacing every year. Jazz takes trips to jazz festivals and has their own uniforms. YOU MUST JOIN GUARD, PERCUSSION, OR JAZZ WHEN SIGNING UP.

How do I get started? See the link "Fundraiser Details and Links" below. Let's get your 20 contacts uploaded by Monday, September 14.

REHEARSAL PROCEDURES (Tues/Thurs: 6-8:30pm)

Students will ALTERNATE fields to start rehearsals and will all finish on the track stadium.

  • Tuesday 9/15: RED starts on Track/BLUE starts on Rugby**
  • Thursday 9/17: RED starts on Rugby/BLUE starts on Track


We will follow the same traffic pattern as last week. Please only use the RUGBY FIELD check-in or TRACK STADIUM check-in.

If you arrive early to pick up your student, please park (in a parking spot) and wait for your students to come to you inside your car by the TRACK STADIUM. AISD policy still restrict parents from watching rehearsals.

Distribution & Picture Days

Dryfit T-Shirt Distribution

  • Tuesday, Sept 15 @ 8:30pm
  • Will distribute to students in the track stadium at the end of practice. Parents will be unable to leave their cars - AISD policy.

Picture Day (Full Marching Band)

  • Saturday, Sept 19 in Eagle Stadium
  • 7:00am in our announcement set (pg 3) - students are to enter Eagle Stadium nearest the Athletic Complex.
  • No instruments (percussion battery will need equipment/front ensemble will need mallets)
  • Face coverings required
  • Parents are not permitted
  • Students should wear their Dryfit T-shirt, khaki shorts, athletic shoes, ankle/no-show socks.
  • Mr. Singletary will instruct the color guard what to wear for picture day.

Field Jacket, Drawstring Bag, Spirit Item Distribution

  • Saturday, Sept 19, 7am-9am at Eagle Stadium parking lot.

Game 1 Playlist

Be sure this music is printed and in your flip folder for rehearsals the next two weeks. Find music from the Music & Drill Link.

  • Fight Song
  • Alma Mater
  • Talon Fanfare
  • March Grandioso
  • What I Like About You
  • Don't Start Now
  • Macarena
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • You're a Grand Old Flag
  • Holiday
  • Runaway Baby
  • Land of a Thousand Dances
  • Word Up
  • Hey Baby
  • Hey Song
  • Believer
  • Born To Be Wild - OLD (arr. Sweeney)
  • Eat Em Up

At-Home & In-Person Instructional Model Change Information

Allen ISD understands that families may want to change their instructional delivery model selection during the school year. Due to the scheduling complexities inherent in both At-Home Learning and In-Person Learning, parents are asked to make a commitment for at least one full nine-weeks grading period. To make a change for the 2nd nine-weeks grading period (Oct. 14 through Dec. 18) the change must be made between September 23-29.

Parents wishing to change their child’s participation in either At-Home Learning or In-Person Learning for the next nine-weeks grading period will need to complete the Commitment Form. Information will be sent to all parents about the process to request a change. For more information and a full list of the change timeframes for the rest of the school year, please click the link below.

(1) If you are an At-Home student that wishes to change status to come on campus for band only or be fully At-Home or (2) Need to change your marching band status, you will need to make the same commitment during September 23-29. More information next week.

Eligibility & Grades

Check your grades on Skyward TODAY!

We will have another progress check at the end of the first 6-weeks on September 18th. If there are any students that have ONE failing grade (below 70) in an on-level course will be considered ineligible and will not be able to attend UIL sponsored performances (games and contests).

Three-Week Calendar

  • Sept. 15 (6-8:30p): Marching Rehearsal: Red Band (track)/Blue Band (rugby)
  • SEPT 15: Pick up Dryfit T-shirts at end of rehearsal (students only)
  • Sept. 17 (6-8:30p): Marching Rehearsal - Red Band (Rugby)/Blue Band (Track)
  • Sept. 19: Band Pictures @ Eagle Stadium (Marching Band Students) - 7:00am
  • Sept. 19: Distribution Day, 7am-9am, Eagle Stadium Parking Lot


  • Sept. 22 (6-8:30p): Marching Rehearsal: Red Band (track)/Blue Band (rugby)
  • Sept. 24 (6-8:30p): Marching Rehearsal - Red Band (Rugby)/Blue Band (Track)
  • Sept. 25: Sunrise Celebration @ Eagle Stadium (AHS students only - 7:15am call time)
  • Sept. 25: ALLEN EAGLE FOOTBALL! (Tom Landry Classic vs. Plano East) - Time TBA


  • Sept. 29 (6-8:30p): Marching Rehearsal: Red Band (track)/Blue Band (rugby)
  • Oct 1 (6-8:30p): Marching Rehearsal - Red Band (Rugby)/Blue Band (Track)
  • Oct 2: ALLEN EAGLE FOOTBALL! (Allen vs. Atascocita) - Time TBA
Welcome to the Allen Eagle Escadrille! #MyBand


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