Properties of Water bY: Nicolette MEYER

The properties of water are what makes water able to do all of the fascinating thinks it does. Some of the properties of water are it's polarity, temperature stability, it's ability as a solvent, and its cohesion properties.

Water molecules have no set charge so they are neither negative or positive. This makes other molecules that like water hydrophilic so this causes water to bond with more water.

Water molecules bonding together

Hydrophobic molecules are molecules that don't bond with water such as oil. If you look at some salad dressing oil will be at the top so you shake the bottle.

The bubbles in the water are oil.

Water molecules are hard to heat up because the hydrogen bond of water absorbs a lot of the energy they have causing the temperature to stay the same. This is a property of water. Yet, water can also evaporate or condensate.

That is condensation on a plant.

Water is also a solvent. This means that it can dissolve things put into it, such as salt or sugar.

This is my lab group mixing salt into water.

Cohesion of water means that the molecules won't separate. This is what causes surface tension of water so insects can walk on water or when you toss a pebble onto a lake.

This is surface tension holding a paper clip

Cohesion also works with adhesion so when plants need water for photosynthesis the water will travel up the wall of the plant.

Cohesion is also just the act of water molecules sticking to others. An example is when water drops fly in the air but stay together.

The water forms a dome on the penny instead of falling off.
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