White Lady in the forest A photo story

For over one hundred years the White Lady has lived in the forest, banished from the castle where she had lived as a young woman.

Visitors to the forest say they have seen the Lady wandering there.

Her sole companion is a lone wolf. She somehow knows that the wolf is older than any human can become. She suspects him to be a ghost wolf but will not pry, fearing the answer.

The wolf follows her on all her paths through the woods but always stays in the background. Is he guarding her?

The White Lady passes the time with long walks through the forest. She is aware of the subtle changes there. The forest speaks to her.

Each day there is a moment. In this moment the Lady expectantly raises the golden orb she carries. She speaks the words only she knows and for a few brief seconds the golden orb blazes with intense light the color of the sun.

The wolf knows the moment as well and his howls accompany the brilliant light. A signal to the forest folk that the moment is precious.

But there are other times when the White Lady is very sad. She remembers her lost castle home. In these moments it is not the light of the golden orb but the Lady's anguish that fills the forest and sky.

In these moments even the wolf is unwelcome. Saddened, yet powerless to help, he understands the Lady and will wait for her to welcome him again.

So will the White Lady live her life in the forest forever.

Do not be afraid if you meet her some day!

Created By
Frank Tegtmeyer


Created with an image by WikiImages - "wolf predator canidae" / All other photos by Frank Tegtmeyer

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