Snowmen By: Anni McGill


This is a story about 3 snowmen named Stella, Susie and Sven. They were all siblings. Sadly, their parents threw them out of their igloo at a very young age. That means that they were on their own. Sven was the oldest and cared for Stella and Susie for 7 years.

This is Sven. He is the oldest in the family.

This is Stella. She is the middle child.

This is Susie. She is the youngest is the family.

“Keep doing chores before the full moon.” Sven said.

“Oh yeah! Isn’t the full moon where the wolves invade homes for food and take your personal belongings?” Stella asked.

“This isn’t new news for you… Whatever just keep working.” Sven said. The full moon doesn’t affect people, only snowmen.

Nightfall came and the moon was shining bright.

“ OMG! I just saw a wolf come right by our igloo! Everybody go to the secret lair!” Stella screamed.

“You are so dumb! If a wolf just came by, then you told it where our lair is!” Susie said.

“ No I didn’t. I didn’t tell them it was under this rug… oopsies.” Stella said. She realized that a huge secret just got out to the wolves.

“ Oh man, you two are in trouble. Stella and Susie, go downstairs right now. I don’t care what you think, you have ruined a secret I trusted you could handle.” Sven said disappointed.

“Bu-” Stella protested.

“ No buts. Go downstairs immediately.” Sven whispered. He realized that the leader of the pack was just behind the front door.

The leader of the pack was Abby. Abby left the majority of her pack at a young age. She had a younger sister named Hailey. Hailey wasn’t the brightest but when it came to attacking and fighting, she’s the pro.

“Did you see that?” Hailey asked.

“Duh, It was a family of snowmen.” Abby said.

“Let’s attack them tonight at the full moon!”Hailey squealed.

“Ok.” Abby said.

Nightfall has come and the wolves were ready to attack.

“Ok, I’ll go to the front door and you sneak in the back.” Abby said.

“Sounds good.” Hailey replied.

Hailey snuck into the back of the house and saw three snowmen fighting.

“Do I really have to hide now? It’s pointless since we could be fighting for our igloo.” Stella said.

“Yes! Also whisper, there is a wolf and the other side of that door!” Sven whisper shouted.

“Ugh fine.” Stella said. She didn’t whisper because Sven was making her do something that she didn’t want to do.

Stella and Susie went into the secret lair and went into their designated hiding spots.

“This sucks” said Susie.

“I know right. I hate hiding down here.” Stella said. Susie hid inside the freezer behind a secret door. Stella hid in the guest room that led to a blast chiller. They both had to stay in a place that was cold because they were snowmen and needed the temperature below 15 degrees.

Sven was still upstairs and walking around in the living room when all of a sudden he saw a shadow of a wolf in the igloo.

“Who goes there?” Sven shouted. Quickly, the shadow disappeared. “I said, who goes there?” Sven demanded. BAM! Pots and pans flew everywhere and all of a sudden Abby was in front of him.

“Bye, Bye” She said.

“Wha-?”Sven started. He was knocked out in the blink of an eye.

“Nice work.” Hailey said.

“I know.” Abby replied. “Is that the only snowman or are there more?”

“There were three and then two went under that rug because it’s a secret lair.” Hailey said.

“Ok, so that means I’ll go downstairs and you hide him in the garden.” Abby said.

“Why the garden?” Hailey asked.

“No reason.” Abby said coldly.

“Whatever.” Hailey replied. Abby found the entrance to the secret lair and ran down. She quickly noticed they weren’t in plain sight.

“Now where could they be?” Abby whispered. She checked the kitchen and noticed something strange. “What the heck is wrong with this freezer?” The freezer was basically empty. “Do snowmen not eat?”

“Get away!” Susie shouted.

“Aha! Wait… how are you in there?” Abby demanded. Stella heard Susie shouting and looked out to see what was wrong. She noticed Abby and grabbed her snowball launcher.

“ Get away from my sister!” Stella said.

“What the…” Abby started to say. Before she could say anything else, Stella blasted away and froze Abby to the ground.

“I got you sis.” Stella said. The snowball launcher numbed Abby. Also since Abby wasn’t ready, she blacked out.

“Thank you. Now let’s get Sven.”Susie said.

“Right behind you.” Stella replied. She grabbed Abby and shoved her into a cabinet in the kitchen.

Upstairs, Hailey was grabbing anything she could see and stuffed it into her bag.

“Stop.”Susie said. “I don’t even know why you would want to take people’s things. It’s not nice and you don’t get a good reward. Everything you take is used and doesn’t mean anything to you. It only has special meaning to the owners.”

“Wow.” Hailey said. “That touched my heart. I’m sorry. Do you know where Abby is so we can all talk?”

“Wait, what? That was really easy to convince you. Are you joking?” Susie asked.

“No I’m not. Wolves tell me I’m a softie.” Hailey said. “Where is Abby?”

“Abby? Oh, your wolf partner. Yeah, I knocked her out a couple minutes ago.” Stella said. “OMG! Where’s Sven? He should be guarding us!”

“OMG you’re right! Where is he?” Susie demanded.

“Um, he decided to take a nap in the garden.” Hailey said. She started to get nervous because Abby wasn’t around to tell her what to say and what not to say.

“WHAT?” Stella and Susie exclaimed.”

“I doubt it was a nap.” Susie said and the two of them ran out to see Sven laying on a bed of Violets.

“SVEN, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Stella shouted.

“Wha-” Sven said. “How? Who? Whe-”

“You were knocked out and now the wolves want to say sorry.” Susie said. Once she said that, Sven jolted awake.

“What?” Sven asked.

“Yeah sorry about that. I have lived my life thinking that taking people’s belongings was ok.” Hailey said.

“Well I don’t believe you but there are two wolves in total and one is missing.” Sven said.

“We got it covered.” Stella said. “I knocked her out with the Snowball launcher and she’s in the kitchen cabinets.”

“WHAT!” Hailey shouted. “Why did you do that?”

“She tried kidnapping me.” Susie said.

“Oh.” Said Hailey. “Well let’s go get Abby.”

Where am I? Am I dead?

“Hello?” Abby shouted. Ok so I’m not dead.

“HAILEY!” Abby screamed… Where am I? What is this?

“Ow.” Abby said. She opened up the cabinet and light flooded in.

“Hello?” Abby asked again. Ok so I’m bruised in my legs and a little headache but I’m good. I do hate this igloo though. Am I allowed to just give up or say truths? Ugh, I need to talk to Hailey.

“Hailey?” Abby asked again.

“I heard her!”Hailey Shouted. “She is downstairs in… I think the kitchen.”

“What? How did you hear her? Are you tricking me.” Susie asked.

“No. Wolves have a keen sense of smell.” Hailey replied.

The snowmen and Hailey went into the igloo and to the basement.

“Oh my gosh, Hailey!” Abby cried. “I thought I was dead!”Abby said. Hailey laughed.

“It’s ok. We need to say sorry though.” Hailey said.

“I was just going to say the same thing.” Abby said. “We are truly sorry. I realized how tough you two are and I’m giving truths.”

“What? No that’s not why. We are sorry for taking your things. It was wrong and we never should have done that. I realized today that stealing isn’t fun. Also, neither is seeing someone knocked out because of you. I’m sorry.” Hailey said.

“Wow.” said Sven. “That was really deep. I appreciate it. Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” Said Abby. “Maybe we can team up and talk to other wolves about stealing?”

“I love that idea!” Said Hailey. “Oh wait… I wasn’t supposed to answer…”

“Haha it’s ok. Yeah I love that idea. So where do we go next?” Asked Sven.

“To spread the word. It’s still the full moon…” Said Abby.

Two years later and the five of them now give speeches to other wolves.

“Thank you for listening.” said Susie. They finished their last speech of the day.

“I was thinking.” said Hailey.

“Well that’s a first.” laughed Abby.

“Hey! Well anyways I was thinking we should call ourselves the forceful five.” said Hailey

“I love it!” everyone replied.

“Really? Well thank you all for giving me the best two years of my life.” said Hailey.

“I love you guys.” said Stella.

“Me too.” the group replied.

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