Kashmir Earthquake

Kashmir is in Pakistan, which is in the mid-west, so therefore it is a Muslim and mid-eastern classic culture. Very old and historical culture, one of the oldest and most historical in the world. Although it has not always been named Pakistan, this area has been populated since the beginning ages, and was once named Persia, a very well known empire. The population in this area is very rural and not at all city-like. The people here are more farming based than anything else. They are not ready for massive earthquakes like the 7.6 magnitude one that happened there. Now of course, nobody can be completely ready for an earthquake of that magnitude. This is more of a relaxed farming area, they do not have the means to change the way they build their houses to help hold more against earthquakes.

The damage that this earthquake left in its wake was outrageous. Over 100,000 people were injured, and over 70,000 were killed. They do not have the resources to defend against these big earthquakes, they would have to drive or most likely walk into the nearest city to get that type of help, and that would be very costly, which most people can not afford. Over 2.5 billion dollars of damage was done by this earthquake. That is way too much for farmers to pay for, that is why they need help by rich people in the cities if they are going to ever be at least a little bit safer.

People in this area were very scared about the earthquake, but they understood earthquakes of that magnitude do not happen all the time. One man even aid that it was part of everyday life of living up there, you know the dangers, but people still choose to live and farm there because it is so peaceful and not many people go there.

The plate boundary in this are is convergent, you can tell that by the Himalaya mountains that go through this area. Convergent boundaries are very common areas for earthquakes. The plates pushing up against each other pushes the mountains higher up and slowly makes new ones, it also causes these massive earthquakes.

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