Bartolome de las casas

  • Monserrath Rodriguez
  • Mr. Meninga Joel
  • World History 2A
  • 3/16/17
Bartolome de las casas, Center conquering
  • Cause 1: Seain took several steps to stabilisn an effective colonial government
  • Cause 2: Holders of misteating Native Americans had their
  • Cause 3: The economedias, not in vain were on assigment of the Catholic kings a changes of which the conquerors ran with the expenses of the evangelization.
  • Effect 1 : Legal status of the Natives
  • Effect 2 : New kind of peaceful Colonialism
  • Effect 3: Become a friar.
Labor in the new wold
  • Cause 1 : Consequence of bartolome's protest-more protection of native population .
  • Cause 2: Spanish and Portuguese begin importanting slave labor form Africa.
  • Cause 3: Bartolome believed hat the only owners of the new world were the Indians and the Spaniards should only go there to convent them to the faith.
  • Effect 1: Native Caribbean population decimated by disease.
  • Effect 2: By the year 1516, las casas began to advocate for the importation of Africa slaves to compensate for the decreasing Indians population.
  • Effect 3: Bartolome consistent with his thought t hr renounced all his encomiums and initiated a comping in the defense of the natives, its objectives: A peaceful colonization of the Americans lands through framers and missionaries.
Triangular Trade
  • Cause 1 : Finished product from Europe to Africa after now route from Africa to Americans to brings slaves.
  • Cause 2: This provoked that the basics products could be exported
  • Cause 3: Triangular trade this provides a method for rectifying trade imbalances.
  • Effect 1: Everything is a good economy in the exchanges of products.
  • Effect 2: Then came the raw materials from America to Europe were: Precious metals, sugar.
  • Effect 3: Usually evolves when a region has exported commodities that are required in the region from which imports come .
To have put this information in my projects for my point of view was important the exchanges of products between the countries is something that generates a good economy in the counties supplied, also the protections and aids offered by Bartolome de las casas at that time now is something that of a certain was benefits us.


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