Florence Nightingale Love Lived


Florence lived from 1820 to 1910 in an era where not much was expected from middle class women, besides being a good wife and raising a family. In her early years she sensed a "calling" from God, and since that day she knew she was destined for something greater than a house wife. She was very academic growing up, very religious, and had a growing belief that nursing was her calling. However, paid nursing had a reputation as a job for the poor, old, and drunkenness. Her parents thought that it was't a good career choice but ended up letting her go to nursing school. When Florence was 33 years of age she became superintendent at a hospital for "gentlewomen" in London.

In March 1854, there weren't enough nurses to serve due to the soldiers fighting in the Crimean war. Florence was invited to oversee the introduction of female nurses in Turkey, and was named "Lady of the Lamp" for her calming sight of checking that everything was good at night time.

What She Did Within Her Society and How She Accomplished it

During the Crimean war, Florence Nightingale made it so the the hospital she was in was more sanitary and to improve hygiene practices to make sure there were less deaths from diseases.

In late 1854, when the Crimean war broke out, many of the soldiers that were fighting in the war were sent to military hospitals. there were no nurses there so Florence was given a letter from a man named Sidney Herbert asking for her to round up as many nurses as she could possibly get. She ended up rounding at least 3 dozen nurses to go to Crimea.

Florence nightingale was able to save many of the soldiers from dying in the Crimean war by going over to Crimea with her nurses and then helping many of soldiers.

Awareness she created for Society

Florence ended up spawning one of the biggest advances in the medical field, as well as female nursing, and helped others take a whole new perspective into nursing. This awareness demonstrated love lived in a big way, as she cared for many hundreds of patients and soldiers all equally, and helped kick-start the professional nursing field.

Did She Show Any of the Other Characteristics?

Florence showed peace. When she was required to do something in the hospital she didn't go up and protest but she kept the peace between the people of the building. She was also a very peaceful person because she always went and made sure every thing was going smoothly to maintain the peace between the people that were staying there.


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