We did this design because it worked and made it the fastest. It took time to get it right where we needed it to be, but we got it around 23 feet. Before it was at 15 feet or less. When we changed the duck tape it made it look nicer then we changed how and where the bungie cords were and it made it be able to go faster and father. Just by doing those things, it went from 15 feet to 23 feet. We problem solved throughout this because we had to talk about what we were going to change and how we each were gonna contribute.

1. Yes, it averages about 23 feet.

2. How far we pull it down and how fast we do. Also where the catapult is facing toward.

3. Take what we have and try to make more friction by changing how the catapults bungie cord are around the launcher

4. We need to have it centered and a little to the right, then have the target right there.


catapult pictures


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