Butterfly World By: Perline Mathurin

The display of the Natural History Museum allow me to become in tuned with nature's beauty. The part of the exhibit that I enjoyed the most was the butterflies. They roaming around as they please freely and stuck to people they liked. It related to me because I see it as me being free to do whatever I need to do to enjoy the good life. Even if it means to stick to someone for a seasons to learn as well as gain knowledge to propel me into being successful into my good life. The design of the Natural History Museum made me realize that there is different types of beauty in nature which are frog. I dislike frog but seeing them in a glass container made it seem as if they are calm creatures. The exhibit was able to let me know true meaning of nature which is to feel the peace through the animals then it will transcend to the individual. I wouldn't be able to learn this at any other medium because this is the only nature center museum on campus.
Leopold's beliefs to uphold nature to a different level of respect, and acknowledge the animals as one with humanity. The museum makes it know that the presents of nature is highly encouraged and respected by all ages. Once I walked in there was a daycare for the babies to play an read books about nature. Most people I saw were looking at the description of the frogs, learning the different frogs names and being able to recognize the difference between frogs. Even though I hate the way frogs look, I respect them enough to realize that this is still a life and some are endangered species and doing the best for the animals is mankind's civil duty. Human responsibility is to take care of the environment and to help the animals living in it because they were here before us.
The butterfly eating helped me to see the beauty in nature that we are all the same. We all need food to survive and taking the necessary step to feel one with butterflies is need to have a naturalistic perspective to achieve the good life. As stated in the lectures we need to understand all side of the town square in order to become fully informed of the way to the good life. Being one with nature is a different level of human spirituality that comes in the form of transcendentalism. This level of spirituality is what the museum was going for and it helped me to understand the butterfly like what they eat, the different species, and the environment they are most comfortable with. I feel appreciative of what all the animals do for the environment of humans, and helping the animals community shouldn't an issue. The butterflies explained to me my role is to help, and not to destroy their majestic areas.

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