Ebola by: deven

Ebola is one of the most dangerous disease in the world and many people wonder why does it infect Africans more? where did Ebola come from? and is there a cure for Ebola? all the answers you need will be in this "page"


The first answer will be why does it infect Africans more? The first reason is sanitation. In Africa they do not have as much sanitation there than in other countries such as the u.s, and another reason is their death practices they touch the body of the dead victim to do a ceremony. Which can cause the spread of Ebola which infects them, and then they die and the cycle keeps going on and on but, one of the bigger outbreaks in 2014 happened in Africa it claimed over 11,000 lives which is more than any other times it had a outbreak.

The other one was where did Ebola come from? Most scientists speculate that it did not infect humans at first, but mutated so that could infect humans. Some scientists believe that it came from a green monkey or (sabaeus monkey) then mutated and some villagers looking for food killed it and ate it and that's how it infects them and other animals have shown this too such as the fruit bat gorillas and chimpanzees.

Finally the last one is there a cure for Ebola and the answer is yes but in 2014 they didn't have one but now from 2015 and above but that does not mean their will always be a cure because like any other disease it can mutate which might cause the cure not to be effective on it, so don't think that Ebola is gone.

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