Secrets of the Creative Mind Savannah Kacpura

What, in short, is the essence of creativity?

What differences in nature and nurture can explain why some people suffer from mental illness and some do not? And why are so many of the world’s most creative minds among the most afflicted?

I am a person who suffers from mild depression and creativity is my outlet

When Joseph Schildkraut, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, studied a group of 15 abstract-expressionist painters in the mid-20th century, he found that half of them had some form of mental illness, mostly depression or bipolar disorder

I love photography and painting, to capture the beauty of nature

Creativity, of course, cannot be distilled into a single mental process, and it cannot be captured in a snapshot—nor can people produce a creative insight or thought on demand.
Creative people tend to be very persistent, even when confronted with skepticism or rejection.
Some people see things others cannot

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Secrets of the Creative Brain

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Savannah Kacpura


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