Submit an aplication to the U.S #alotofpapers

When you are approved go to the U.S staff to get your identification approval that the info that you submitted is true. #nervous

The papers are sent back to the U.S to get approved. #hopeitpasses

The application was approved now we have to go threw a medical checkup. #thisisalongprosess

Now we have to go to the culture orientation classes. #interestingstuff.

We are flying to the U.S #hopeitsbetterthere

We are here now we get to go to a family to stay with. #thisisexciting

We now have excess to medical care. #medicalcareissomuchbetterinthiscountry.

Finaly we can work without having to worry about safety. #thiisgreat

After one year finaly getting my green card. #Icantravelnow

After 5 years I can now become an American citizen. #theseficeyearswentbyfast.

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