Product Photography by Karen Ruet, Poster Design featuring Nicole Daigle's work by Courtney Ivey.


Forbidden City, 6 pieces | Rayon satin, embroidery, closures | 2020

Echo (Jing) Chen’s collection, “Forbidden City” is inspired by the Imperial Palace of China. It expresses her concern for the undemocratic society and the environmental pollution that affects all members in China, regardless of gender, age, or status.


Green Dress, Yellow Dress | Hand dyed silk noil, elastic thread | 2021

Jennifer Wilson of Fredericton, New Brunswick, is a former graduate of both the NBCCD Textile and Fashion Design Programs. Her work is very organic and she works primarily with natural fibres and fabrics. Fabric manipulation is the fundamental inspiration for her artistic practice.


Pink Brocade Coat

Nicole Daigle graduated from the Fashion Design program at NBCCD in 2017. She is currently working on a collection with her fellow alumna, Sten Gouchie, entitled Primrose, which is inspired by pastel pastry shops and Rococo era architecture.


Untitled, Primrose Collection | Linen, chiffon, lace trim, bemburg lining | Petticoat: broadcloth, lace | Hoop materials: broadcloth, hoop steel | 2020-2021

She joined forces with fellow alumna, Nicole Daigle, to create a collection inspired by the romance of lace and embroidery fabrics and the elegance of the Victorian era silhouettes.


Mid-19th Century Underpinnings: Corset, Chemise, and Drawers. Hand-dyed coutil; antique, machine-made, and hand-tatted cotton lace; silk flossing; spring steel; synthetic whalebone; linen. 2020-2021

Kelly Hill is an interdisciplinary artist working in costume, textile, and analogue photographic media. She received a BFA from Mount Allison University before graduating from the NBCCD Fashion Studio in 2014. She had planned to spend 2020 recreating the fashions of her favourite era, the 1920s, but went a little too far back and landed in the 19th century instead! Kelly currently works as Wardrobe Supervisor at Kings Landing.


Pleated dress, Fabricville Challenge | Muslin | 2020

Lakshmi Sindhura Reddy Muchalla is a fashion designer from India, and currently resides in Atlantic Canada. She is inspired by Egyptian culture and architectural designs. Adapting different cultures into her artwork is very important and inspiring. This draping piece was inspired from Egyptian styles and merged them with modern influences to create unique designs. This spring she will be showcasing her debut fashion line in the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Annual Fashion Event.


Wasoqotesg Wool coating | Bemberg Lining | Size 11 Delica Seed Beads | November 2020

Oakley Rain Wysote Gray is an aspiring Mi’gmaq fashion designer, from Listuguj First Nation. All of his designs are heavily influenced by Traditional Mi’gmaq artifact. In spring 2021 he will be releasing a two-spirited clothing line named Gigpesan.


Skɨte'kmujuawti | Dupioni silk, cotton twill, glass beads | 2020

Rebecca Dunnett is an emerging fashion designer from Metepenagiag First Nations in northern New Brunswick. She is inspired by her culture and wants to incorporate her people's unique designs with contemporary themes. Her fashion line references 19th-century Mi'kmaq chief coats and beaded embroidery work of her people.


Draped Muslin, Fabricville Challenge | Muslin | 2020

Rachelle Robichaud is a second year fashion design student who had the opportunity to participate in last year’s 2020 Draped Muslin Challenge. She is currently working on a grad collection of gowns titled Ethereal that will debuting at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Annual Fashion Event this spring.

Inside the George Fy

Photography by Roger Smith


Karen Ruet Roger Smith