The Wildest Ride By: Joe Menzer

"The Wildest Ride" By Joe Menzer- 322 Pages.

This book was really interesting to me. I ended up learning a ton. Who knew that Racing in general was made popular by moonshiners? I learned everything from the cars that were driven to the drivers that drove them. Racing was made popular by the moonshiners of the time period; racing cops to get to the drop point. Stock car racing became the showcase of racing, because the fans could relate to the drivers and their cars more. Racing is a very dangerous sport, as is everything have to do with high speeds. Many many drivers have been killed, some of which resulted in just plain stupidity. This book taught me a lot, and I suggest anybody who is interested in racing or NASCAR at all.

I learned many things reading this book. I learned that Turner and Weatherly drank alcohol during races. I learned that the drivers were scared to drive on the new speedways that were built because they were too fast. Finally, I learned that many drivers died racing. Remember to always wear your seat belt.

Quotes: "Once inside the infield, the interior of the track's stunningly small oval, the only way to leave is to walk across the track itself" (Menzer 39).

"Others accepted the moonshiners for what they were; locals trying to make a living" (Menzer 61).

"Son, if youre going to drive and win, you might as well get credit for it. Use the family name" (Menzer 81).

"Turner and Joe Weatherly actually consuming alcohol as they drove in races" (Menzer 134).

"Bill France burst his bubble, announcing that King Kong would be outlawed for the following 1965 season" (Menzer 171).

Fun Facts:

1. In the olden days, the steering wheels would be wrapped with foam to prevent the drivers from getting cramps.

2. The drivers were scared to race on the newly developed speedways because they were too fast and the turn banks were too steep.

3. Curtis Turner would cut his engines on his plane mid flight to scare his sponsors into giving him more money.

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