Tassel Talk December 2019

2nd Grade Programming

Energy and enthusiasm abound when 2nd graders join A Call to College for Reading Rocks at the Licking County Library, and Denison football players lead by example with I Know I Can week.

A “behind the scenes” tour of the library, a student-led interview of a community member and story hour with current college students makes for an energy-filled morning at the Licking County Library. Second graders get a bird’s-eye view of the day to day operations (ask your child about the dumbwaiter!) and see first-hand the many resources available to library members. The best part - Reading Rocks offers the opportunity for every second grader to receive their very own library card.

Students also interacted with Denison football players in September when they read "I Know I Can", a motivational book about four animal characters who aspire to go to college. Students were given a personal copy of the book to keep.

4th Grade Programming

Chihuahuas, St. Bernards and money management, OH MY! Look below to learn about the 4th grade College and Money Savvy Wildcats curriculum.

After nine weeks of teaching in 4th grade classrooms by A Call to College staff, students were officially certified as "College and Money Savvy Wildcats". Each class adopted a blue piggy bank, selected a name for their pig, then spent eight consecutive weeks practicing “College Going Behaviors” (homework, attendance, reading and in-class work) in an effort to earn coins for their bank.

The classrooms also chose an Ohio college to study. One of our favorite lessons, Two Good Dogs, explains the difference between saving and investing. Ask your student, which one is more powerful and grows larger over time?

6th Grade Programming

Sixth graders strut their stuff at eight central Ohio campuses with the Kids2College program.

Equipped with six classroom lessons of college-going knowledge our 6th grade students from Heritage, Liberty and Wilson shined during our campus visits in early December. All campus visits included a presentation by Admissions, a tour of campus, and the always popular lunch in the dining hall!

Cats In College: The future is yours

2016 Newark High School graduate Allison Spicer avoids spreading herself too thin at Ohio State while soaking up as many opportunities as possible!

Allison Spicer is living large as a Senior at Ohio State’s main campus. She’s plugged in as a violinist in the Buckeye Philharmonic, a Resident Assistant in her dorm, a team leader for the Ohio House of Science & Engineering STEM Outreach program and the Keynote Speaker for the Honors and Scholars launch this past fall (to name just a few!).

Allison’s summer internship as a sustainable process engineer for paint provided the opportunity to travel to Braunschweig, Germany for 11 weeks. She has been offered a job with a pharmaceutical company post-graduation (way to go!) and hopes to return to college at some point to earn her Master’s degree.


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