I'd like to tell you a story by: Alexander stallard

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1994, which is what these two pictures above show. The first picture is a picture of oak trees which are a big deal down south, the second of the Mississippi River. I moved here to Colorado about a year and two months ago, and I never want to go back home!
I am actually from about 30 minutes away from New Orleans. Technically i am from Folsom, La, it is on the Northshore to get there you must drive across this long bridge called the causeway it is 27 miles long, one of the longest in the world I am not sure if it is the longest anymore but was at one point.
Back when I was in college for my first couple of years I attended Louisiana State University for a couple of years, but Baton Rouge got old so I began looking for something new, I had to get out of there. Though don't get me wrong, football season down there is a great time! If you have never been to Louisiana you should go.
This is the only supply and demand graph I could find on Adobe so...anyway. I am taking this class in hopes of redeeming myself from the last time I tried to take it because that time I was too overwhelmed with other classes and started not doing well and was forced to drop it. Hopefully this time I will better understand the things I need to understand and will be able to pass the class with flying colors! I am looking forward to this semester with you all!!!


Created with images by David Paul Ohmer - "New Orleans - Oak Alley Plantation "Oak Trees Walkway On A Rainy Day"" • tpsdave - "new orleans louisiana bridge" • notdavidbrooks - "DSC_7532" • Shoshanah - "And the rain miraculously stopped before the game...." • regan76 - "Supply & Demand stencil (#2778)"

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