To Kill A MockingBird Important Scenes By: hayden Maltby

Jem and Scout being attacked: Jem

It was a quiet walk home Scout was sad and embarrassed from ruining the pageant at the school. Then out of nowhere this strange figure was moving towards us. I called out thinking it was Cecil Jacobs but, I go no response. It was coming closer and was moving faster. I turn to Scout and yell run! Scout tripped on her costume and fell. I dragged Scout most of the way to the road until the person chasing us grabbed me. All you could hear was a crunching sound and the screams of pain coming from me. The strange man knocked me unconscious and that is the last thing that I remember. When I eventually gained my consciousness back I asked Atticus how I ended up in my bed and he told me that Boo Radley had come out and killed Bob Ewell to save Scout and I. Then Boo carried me home to make sure that I was safe.

Atticus shooting Tim Johnson: Tim Johnson

I was walking in the road minding my own business, but then I saw the kids playing outside. I was excited so I started barking to see if they would see me. Sure enough they did. The Finch's housekeeper Calpurnia saw me and ran towards the house and told the children to come with her. I assumed that it was time to eat or something and the kids didn't hear me so I kept barking and moving towards the house. When I saw a man come out of the house who was given a shot gun I thought he was going to take a target practice at a tree or something so I kept moving towards them. Then with hesitation he pointed the gun right at me. I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed so I kept barking trying to get attention. He looked down the barrel for a while, but finally he pulled the trigger and put a bullet right into me.

Kids Play "Boo Radley" :Boo

I had always know the rumors that the town spreads about how I have blood on my hands and that I eat cats, but I never would have thought that three kids would really be brave enough to play a game about it. I was sitting inside the house when I heard kids outside. I went to go see what it was and I saw three kids, two boys and a girl who looked younger than the boys. The girl was on my porch pretending to sweep. The one boy was sitting on a swing cutting newspapers with scissors. The other was walking on the sidewalk in front of my house. I thought it was very realistic "game" that they were playing. For the rumors that were spread it was dead accurate. It kind of made me angry to watch the kids play the game because they didn't know me and they don't really know what happened they are going just off the rumors that were not true.

The Lynch Mob: Tom Robinson

I was sitting inside my small cell mining my own business wondering how the town could think that I raped Mayella Ewell. It is unfair that because of my color the whole town accuses me. Then the sound of cars broke my concentration and made me go to the window. I saw a bunch of cars and even more men coming out of them. I got away from the window to make sure they didn't know where I was. I could hear what was going on perfectly clear. I heard the angry mob telling Atticus to get out of the way and let them come what they came for which was to kill me of course. Atticus was very brave to not move for the mob and protect me. He could easily just gotten out of the way and let them kill me, but he didn't. Then Scout comes and embarreses Mr. Cunningham and get the angry mob to leave which surely saved my life.


With this project I was really able to enhance what I had read in To Kill a Mockingbird. It was really was a great way to really grasp what was happening in the story. This project made me realize that the story connects in all aspects. At the beginning I thought how does kids trying to figure out about a man connect to an unfair trial. I thought the story wasn't going to make any sense, but then as the the story came to an end I was able to look at all the things that happened and connect them. Like the shooting of Tim Johnson relates to the trial by comparing Tom and Tim together because at point Tom was treated below human status and wasn't given a fair trial. Finally this let me see from different angles what was happening and how others saw it. It made my understanding of the story much better.


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