The Changes from 20's to the 30's Life changed from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. The 30’s brought the Great Depression which caused life to be a lot more stressful and uncomfortable. Therefore the way people lived went from peaceful and relaxing to dreadful.

Home Life

But when the Depression hit in 1929 it was all downhill from there. People lost their jobs which led to losing their homes.

People with no homes went to Hoovervilles for shelter

Especially African Americans who received financial aid than White Americans.

People had to hand make their own homes

Also, many Mexican Immigrants were sent out of the United States back to their home country.

Foreign people struggled living

This caused the country to be in complete shock and left the nation seeking for hope.

If there was housing it was usually in bad condition

Leisure Time

Leisure time was affected greatly because everyone lost everything.

Families treasured the fun moments they had

Families in the 1920’s barely had enough money to eat by themselves and enjoy themselves.

Women didn't have much freedom

People would always have to eat at soup kitchens where people with nothing would go to eat. Then, in the 30’s people saw new popular culture trends but it didn’t help much.

Families didn't have much to do

Women were always working very hard at home and they struggled ever more than men.

Women knew they couldn't have many times like these


Economy in the 20’s was okay in the 20’s but it started to get in distress in the late 20’s in the 30’s.This period marked the end of the boom years.

Men waited for food to get for their families

Farmers were also affected by their farms struggling so they had to move to the city.

Business owners struggling

The economy took such a stumble in the 30’s that the unemployment rate hit its highest at 25%.

Desperate for jobs

That’s 16 million Americans unemployed.

Need money to take care of themselves

Role of Government

The role of government wasn’t very powerful in the 20’s.

People going on strike

People didn’t agree with most of the decisions the government was making.

People harassing banks

Majority of people wanted FDR to takeover.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Laissez Faire is abandoned because it gave way to fear and desperation. But, the role of government dramatically changed in the 30’s. It changed by Hoover not getting re-elected which helped out America because he did not succeed in his term as president. Also, private philanthropy increased.

People wanted FDR as president

The differences between the 1920’s and the 1930’s differed mostly because of the Great Depression. It changed almost everyone's lives besides some of the wealthy. This era helped the United States with keeping track of their stock so tragedies like the Great Depression don’t happen again.

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