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Mark Humes was born in Wenatchee, Washington in 1974.He served in United Army Second Infantry division and 101st Airborne Division until becoming disabled in 1995. Humes is the Author of Mindscapes, Mindscapes: volume 2, The Book of Lost Verses series Creating the Lost Verses: An Adult Coloring Book and Codex Venerorum Abstracta Mark Humes lives and works in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Artist Statement

Through the medium of digital art, I share the deepest parts of my subconscious mind by giving shape, form and color to my emotions. I accomplish this by creating a total work of chaos, Once that is complete, I manipulate the image till an evolution takes place and brings the picture into a form where can see my spirit. I create my artwork because it's the closest thing to telepathy I have discovered. My art is a journal of my raw thoughts and feeling frozen in time for all to see leaving a legacy of my experiences and feeling as a testament of my existence.

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