Debrief 3/22/17

I started to create a bracket that would insert into the rod holder of my boat that I could attach a cutting board to.

At first it was clumsy, however after a few minutes I began to understand the tools and started to have fun. I become engrossed when I can design and create exactly how I want it.

I can use Tinkercad to force my students to be creative and think outside the box- to create something new that they have a need for. Critical thinking, creation, design, and detail are all positive traits/skills that students will use forever.

Sphero Ball
Because I beat Ms Whitener

We recently toured the BCCC campus. On the tour, they were setting up new machines, the machines were robots. Clearly, robots, coding, programming is the direction for manufacturing and production. Starting with basic commands and increasing difficulty allows students to explore this area. Additionally, it helps students organize and work in steps.

The biggest thing I learned today are different ways to make learning fun! There are so many applications in all content areas for Tinkercad and Sphero, essentially limitless.

The most fun for me, although failing miserably, was creating the chariot. It was also the most challenging.

In my classroom, I would create Sphero teams and design an obstacle course for the sphero balls. This would force team-work, leadership, thinking, etc.


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