we do not have the ability to stretch out payments from june to feb. the $1,700 fee will be divided into four equal payments of $425 (june/august/october/december). the first payment goes directly to strike force. the remaining payments cover coaching fees and field rental.


We will officially belong to Strike Force. They will provide us with practice gear, home and away uniforms, one league registration, registration to FYSA with player and coach ID cards, and fields for all home games. They have a very strong program, and numerous teams interested in playing scrimmages with us.

Practice at Beth Am:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-5:45


Adidas Super Cup Labor Day

United Cup Mid-September

West Pines Mid-October

Disney President's Weekend February

Miramar March

*FYSA Commissioner's Cup March-April

FAU April

Hollywood April

Fiesta Cup April

Naples Memorial Weekend


Miami Dade Early Season September-October

SFUYSA November-February

Miami Dade Spring Season March-May

Other considerations:

referee fees

traveling expenses for coach (mileage beyond Broward, and hotel/meals on overnights)

tournament registration fees

sponsorships. our costs are far greater than the annual fee. other clubs have the ability to divide their field costs across numerous teams (usually 10-40). the Vidals are underwriting 50% of the field rental and paying for the 'home' set of Joma uniforms.

nevertheless, we need money for training equipment and a set of quality goals. company names may be printed on the uniforms for those so interested.

shona will be the manager and will handle all money/expenses/etc...

trainers: i am an advocate. i used to do individual and small group sessions when i was younger. no longer, but i am absolutely convinced that it helps tremendously-just like a tutor for school. yes, ivan offers such training...but you are in no way obligated to use him. please schedule training sessions for tuesdays and/or thursdays. in addition, weekly summer training is quite beneficial for continuing to develop touch.


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