Ecosystem project by:Allen,Parker,Jayden


While we may think of a desert as a hot, dry piece of land, it can be cold as well. Any desert is usually cold at night and receives very little rainfall. However, they do produce plants. Several things make up a desert ecosystem.


Desert animals show many adaptations the moisture availability in deserts, resulting in little activity during the usually dry times and lost-of activity in the wet periods. During dry season many desert animals remain underground in holes or burrows in which the air is cool and humid; more than half of desert animals are in their habits. Some, such as snails, may remain dormant for long periods, while others, such as burrowing mammals, come out to feed only at night when it is cool.


A population is the number of all the organisms of the same group or species, which live in a particular area.


One spices in the area,in this cays the desert.

Some animals that life in the desert are.

Coyote-biotic-animallia kingdom-Eukaryota

Mexican Poppies-plantae kingdom-Eukaryota

cyanobacteria-archaebacteria kingdom-archaea


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