Week 3 - term 1b

We are becoming much more fluent with our number work. I am pleased that Year 1 enjoy thinking about numbers, and are keen to show their understanding. Well done!

We worked together and used new scientific vocabulary linked to materials. We encouraged the class to work with different people, not just their close friends. They were great about thinking about different materials and their properties.

In our mantle fiction, we heard the baby Sam crying. We were alarmed and worried about him. We decided that there may have been a number of reasons that he was crying. He may have been hungry, cold, tired or needed changing. Isabella went to see him, and decided he was cold. We then wanted to make sure he was warm, so tested different materials and the textures. Brooke Rang SAM’s mum, who was nearly ready to move into her new home. We let her know that we would help in the future, and that she needn’t worry about Sam as he was being well looked after. We drew her new house and added furniture etc. We also wrote our addresses so she knew where our offices were. Good tracking!

We love books in Year 1. We spend a lot of time sharing books, making connections, reading in the reading area, as well as visiting Benwell library. For some of us, it was the first time that we had been to a library. We walked up, and checked the street names. We are going to make a map of our route, and see if we can place our addresses along the route. We all chose great books, Gary’s book was all about a giant bogey that invaded different familiar stories- it was extremely funny. Alexia and Mosa relaxed and enjoyed sharing their books, chatting and laughing about them. It was a lovely session, the staff in Year 1 also got to read as well. Ace!