The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor By: Jay Bonansinga aND robert kirkman

Author Bio

Jay Bonansinga

Jay born in 1959, in Quincy, IL. He went to Columbia College Chicago. He is an writer and director. He has wrote a lot of fiction and non-fiction works, co-wrote the novels based on The Walking Dead comics series, He also directed a short film, City of Men, and a feature film. Co-written with bestselling novelist and Stoker Award finalist.

Robert Kirkman

November 30, 1978. In Richmond, Kentucky. He's 38 years old. He is best known for creating The Walking Dead and Invincible for Image Comics, and for writing Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics. He was nominated for A Writers Guide of America Award for Best New Series.


This trilogy of novels is sure to be a hit with those who love zombies and those who have loves the TV series (The Walking Dead) and comic books

Plot Summary

The novel follows the story of Philip Blake, his daughter Penny, his older brother Brian, and his friends Bobby and Nick as they struggle to survive in a world damaged by the zombie apocalypse. The hungry group of survivors is hiding in a large house in a neighborhood of Wiltshire Estates, planning to move on to Atlanta, where a "safe zone" is supposedly located. A walker comes out of its hiding place and infects Bobby with the undead plague, killing him. Upset by Bobby's death the remaining four group members continue on.


Brian Blake- The Governor, Phillips brother .Philip Blake-Husband of Sarah Blake, Father of Penny Blake, killed by Nick from a shotgun .Penny Blake-Daughter of Phillip .Nick Parsons- Phillips friend, old friend, dies from a shotgun to his head .Bobby Marsh-Died from a walker , obese friend of Phillip.

Main Conflict

The group, has to end up driving away from Atlanta, and runs into a plantation. After a couple of days, the group gets caught by a gang .But, the group ends up fighting them off. While in downtown Atlanta, the group gets over a whole city of zombies. They also have to fight them off. Phillip goes insane in the middle of the book . And Brain has to step up.

Book Evaluation

I could not put this book down. The story is solid and the twist at the end is worth the read. I was very impressed with the plot, how it tied in with the graphic novel and thought it was an amazing transition from graphic novel to text. I'm hoping this is one of many books in the future and would recommend this book to any fan of "The Walking Dead".

Because relationships between ordinary people placed into a situation from where there is no way out, which has absolutely no hope for future, where the only success one may have is to live a little bit longer, turn out to be much more interesting than the actions of any superheroes fighting the hordes of walking dead with their bare hands, for in this case every viewer, at least subconsciously, tries to think of what he would do in similar circumstances, however incredible they are.


"In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally stop living." This means they must get up and start fighting for their life's or they aren't going to make it out of here alive.

"You kill or you die or you die and you kill." This means of you don't kill you will die eventually and if you do kill you have a better chance of living.


Guile- a trick or tricking someone. Priority- something that it more important than another thing. Insensitive- apathetic, or numb feeling. Ignition- process of setting something on fire, lighting it. Demonstrator- protester


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