puppy my dog essay by kevin oneall

My Dog, by Kevin O’Neal

The short story introduces us to Mrs. Barney. Readers are confused about Mrs. Barney’s actions. She’s been obsessing over her long lost dog. But, is it really her dog? All evidence points to the fact that it’s not really her dog. Rather, Mrs. Barney is crazy.

I believe that Mrs.Barney is crazy. In the text she see's her dog at Gas N Go and think it’s her dog. “ I was filling up at Gas N Go on the interstate and I heard a dog barking . I looked over and saw him in a pickup truck that was parked in front of the diner. He was calling me I went over and I knew it was him. It was Sparky. Is that you and he jumped out of the truck.”Just because the dog was acting crazy doesn't mean it was her dog. Lots of dogs get excited when they new faces.

The vet says to Mrs. Barney, “Dogs just don’t live that long,” when she was trying to get him to believe that it was Sparky. He says this to her twice. This is important because the author wants the reader to recognize that it’s not really Mrs. Barney’s dog. Besides, if it were, this “Sparky’ would be over twenty years old now.” This isn’t possible.

Mrs. Barney also tried to convince the cops that it was her dog. “They won't believe me. They never believe me.” This proves that she has already been to the cops more than once and that she has tried to convince them. If the sheriff doesn't believe her why should we the readers believe her.

During the examination the dog was “wagging excitedly and couldn't stop panting.” The author also says, “Even at a distance I could see the perfectly white teeth of a young dog.” This means the dog she has is not her dog. If that was her dog the dog ”would be over twenty years old” and we know from that vet that this is not possible.

In conclusion, she has stolen a dog and is now is going crazy. We have learned that dogs don't live that long. And no dog in history has ever lived that long


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