Literature in the Colonial Period (1607-1765) Austin mason

Historical Context

  • John smith founded the Virginia colony in 1607
  • John Rolfe planted the first tobacco crop in 1612.
  • John Rolfe marries Pocahontas and the significance of this is the relationship between Native Americans and Jamestown.
  • War strikes and in order to pay the debt from the war the stamp act gets put into place this puts a tax on all stamps purchased.

Values and beliefs

  • In the 1700s families went to market places and had plays most of them being written by Shakespeare.
  • Girls played with corn husk dolls
  • Boys played marbles
  • Men would sometimes play music and games in community gatherings

Genre and style

  • Poetry was somewhat popular but it mostly bad
  • The main topics to wright was biographies, treaties,accounts of voyages, and sermons

Authors and Works

  • William Bradford "Of Plymouth Plantation"(1681)
  • Anne Bradstreet "To My Dear and Loving Husband"(1678)
  • Roger Williams "A Key into the Language of America" (1643)

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