Stuffed Cat By tristan Johnson, MALACHI CAPRIETTA, Jabari Ezzard

The way our invention works is that you turn it on and its eyes light up. The switched inside the cat will make the eyes light up

The little bits we used were wires, x2 UV LED lights, a fork. We also used cardboard, tape, straws, and Styrofoam

Interior of The Finished Model
Front of The Finished Model
Prototype Model
1920s Stuffed Tiger

We tried to make our invention make noise but it didn't turn out well. If we had longer time to build we would had made the cat make noise,

The reason why we chose to make this invention was because we wanted to be different. At first we were trying to make a bear, but at the end it looked like a cat.


Created with images by jabbeCablaze - "universe galaxy night"

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