Minnesota Land of 10,000 lakes

Minnesota produces lots of wheat, iron ore and lummber

Did you know that an iron deposit in Minnesota produces 75% of our nation's iron. Did you know that in 1895 the largest open pit iron mine opened in that area and produced 25% of the nation's iron.

Minnesota is full of forests, prairies and lakes. The southern half of minnesota is great farm land because it is covered in prairies. In southeast Minnesota there are many streams running through deep valleys.

This is lake superior. It lines Minnesota eastern edge.

The Dakota Sioux people were the first to roam Minnesota. They were here way before the European settlers. They often said "The voice of the Great Spirit is heard in the rippling of the mighty water."

Saint Paul and Minneapolis

The capital of Minnesota is Saint Paul and the largest city is Minneapolis

Some of the state symbols in Minnesota are the Norway pine which is the state tree, the state flower is the Pink and white lady's slipper, the state bird is the the Common loon and the state gemstone is Lake Superior agate.

Minnesota became a state in 1858 and it is the 32 state. It has 5 sports teams. The first Super Computer was made in Minnesota. Did you know that the Mayo Clinic is located in Minnesota and the Mall of America and the Minneapolis Sculpture are too.


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