Religious Landscape Tour World Religions at a glance

My religious tour began on July 3, 2025. My tour started in Jerusalem where I dove into the religion of Christianity . After a day of traveling I decided to find a hotel and call it a day. On July 4th I visited the Temple Mount which to my amazement, was a trapezoid shaped structure. Here King Solomon built the first temple almost 3,000 years ago. It was destroyed by the Babylonians but 70 years later the Jews built the second temple on the same site. All around the city I saw churches that varied in size and design.

This is a picture of the Temple Mount from a distance in the city of Jeruselm

On July 5 I arrived at my second tour stop, Allahabad, India. I later learned that day that the city of Allahabad was established on the site of the ancient city Prayaga but renamed as the "City of Allah". Through my journey of the city I encountered very interesting looking temples with an open, symmetry driven structure. On July 6th I was up and ready to travel to Mathura. On the banks of Jamuna, near Agra, is the birth place of their god Krishna. I had a outstanding time learning about the Hindu religion.

This is a picture of the city of Allahabad

My third journey was to the Himalayas in modern Nepal where I discovered more about the Buddhist religion. The biggest thing that stood out to me was the atmosphere of the people and their amazing culture. All around me were incredibly structured temples. The first floor would stretch out very wide and the higher you looked the smaller the structure appeared. On July 8th I took a bus to the sacred site Lumbini. Lumbini is very significant to the religion of Buddhism because here the Buddah, known as Tathagata was born. I left the country of Nepal later that evening.

This is was a photograph of people going into a Buddhist temple in the country of Nepal

On July 10th after a long day and a half of travels, I finally arrived in the ancient city of Hebron where I went to study the religion of Judaism. The city of Hebron was one of the first places Abraham lived after he arrived in Canaan. Also King David was anointed and resigned for seven years there and Jews lived there continuously for one thousand years. On my way around the city I saw many beautiful synagogues. Every syn agog was very unique in its design and color. On July 11 I left the city wonderful city of Hebron.

This was a photograph taken of the city of Hebron

I was able to get to Jerusalem the same day I left Hebron because the two cities are very close together. On July 12th I ventured out to the the area where Muhammad traveled to Jerusalem and ascended from there into heaven. Only about 100 feet from where I was standing I saw a enormous mosk that was built like a normal building with big domes on the top and large spear looking objects coming from the top. I saw many people wearing burkas and lots of clothing covering up almost their whole body. This was the end of a great religious tour.

This is a picture of a mosk taken in Jeruselem


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