Canbury School Newsletter 2nd November 2018. issue 139

Dear Parents and Visitors

Welcome back to this next half term at Canbury. We've already started planning our Christmas week events! Make sure you buy your Christmas jumpers early.

This week we had ISI Inspector and retired Headmistress Mrs Sue Manser in school for three days observing the teaching and learning taking place in the school. Her visit was part of our staff review system; in addition it was also good practice for our next ISI Quality of Education Inspection due towards the end of next year. Mrs Manser departed saying that the Canbury students were the most polite children she had encountered for a long time. Well done Canbury!

On Thursday evening we held our Meet the Teachers evening for parents of new students to the school. We had excellent attendance and it was especially nice for parents to be able to chat to each other and staff in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

Congratulations to the winners of our house pumpkin carving competition, which caused great merriment and was an opportunity for much artistic work on Halloween. The picture above shows the creations (left to right) of the eventual winners:

1st Evie R (Johnson)

2nd - Olivia B and Alannah O (Noble)

3rd - Jack E ( Campbell).

Well done everyone, further details below.

Apologies to those of you who didn't receive the newsletter link at the end of the last half term. We had a few gremlins in the system, but we hope these are sorted now. If you do wish to catch up on that edition, do pop across to the school website, newsletter page, where you will be able to access it.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for outstanding expressive reading aloud in English.

Flora and Anders for clear and confident reading aloud.

Adam and Ross for their excellent effort in Cross Country.

Year 8

Shaaiyon for getting a black belt on Numeracy Ninjas.

Lucas and Phoebe for expressive reading in English.

Lucas and Kiran for their excellent effort in Cross Country.

Year 9

Alex W for carefully prepared writing in English.

Ellie for her excellent effort in Cross Country.

Year 10

Cate for getting 56/57 on her fractions, decimals and percentages paper.

Joe H for re-doing his fractions 4 operations with fractions paper and getting 100% on the second go.

Year 11

Jasmina scored 100% on her straight lines KESH Mathematics paper.

Geographers for all their hard work in lessons this week. James, Faysal, Luca and Dean.

All of 11A for their hard work and determination with factorising in Mathematics this week.

Eugenia and Caitlin for excellent work in Travel and Tourism.


In this Biology lesson, Year 11 students were learning about the structure of the heart by performing a dissection on lambs’ hearts. They were able to trace blood flow through the heart, identify the four chambers, and explain why the left side of the heart is thicker than the right. Nothing beats doing your own hands-on research. Great work Year 11.

Meanwhile, Year 10 students successfully extracted DNA from peas. It was a relatively complicated process involving several steps. The DNA shows up as white strands in the pea solution. This is part of their Genetics topic.

Then on Thursday, Year 11 appeared to start playing ball in the Science laboratory, as opposed to the gym. Our photos below show students doing some heavy lifting (work) to determine how much power they used to lift the masses (2kg, 6kg or 9 kg) twenty times from the floor to shoulder height - and very enthusiastically they did it too.

Novel ways to learn your Physics at Canbury.


Year 7 worked very well in their Geography lesson, locating European countries on a map and then learning the capital cities of European countries. Adam did especially well, even knowing that the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava!

Travel and Tourism

Year 11s have continued to work on their brochure for European holiday destinations, where they have to describe the touristic features of either Paris or Barcelona. Business studies teacher Mrs Hurrell reports that she has been especially impressed with Eugenia and Caitlin, who are doing brochures on Paris and Barcelona respectively.

Sports News

Writes Mr Barnes: "An excellent effort from all at Key Stage 3 Cross Country on Thursday this week. Despite challenging (muddy!) conditions everyone participated excellently, with stand out performances from Lucas and Kiran. Lucas completed a lap of the Isabella plantation course in 9 minutes 30 seconds and Kiran ran sub 11 minutes."


Year 7 headed out into Richmond Park on the last day of half term. Under the expert eye of Art teacher Mrs Smith, they became "sign detectives", using cameras to gather primary research (photographs) for their graphics project.

The Canbury School app has landed......

We have now launched our very own app. The app links to our Twitter feed and Whole School calendar bringing you all the updated news and events at the touch of a button! It will hold information such as term dates and uniform links and will be used to send instant "alerts" to parents if there are urgent messages such as snow days, late arrivals from trips etc to inform you of.

There is also a survey on the app that we would like you to complete over the next few weeks, telling us what you think of it and any improvements or additional tabs you would like to see.

To download the app:

Go to your App or Google Play Stores and search for "Piota Schools"

Download Piota Schools app

Once downloaded, search for "Canbury School"

Once you are in the Canbury App area, there will be an alert already in there for you that tells you what to do in the first instance to ensure you are signed up for the relevant alerts etc.

Please ensure you sign up using the email address or mobile phone number that the school has on our database.

The app will not replace parent emails and letters home, this is an additional tool to help keep you all updated.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.


House News

Artistic flair was in evidence at the Halloween competition

Huge thanks to Miss Ross who organised an outstanding House event on Tuesday. Lunchtime saw the third house event of the year.

She writes: "We decided to run a House Halloween pumpkin carving competition. It was a great turn out with 30 students participating, especially from Noble and Johnson houses. The students worked hard individually and in groups carving and decorating their pumpkins. After 25 minutes of flying pumpkin pieces and a lot of laughter we had some amazing carved pumpkins which we proudly displayed in front of the school. First place went to Evie from Johnson, 2nd place to Olivia and Alannah from Noble and 3rd to Jack from Campbell."






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