Ximena Tornadoes🤘⭐️🌪


Did you know Tornadoes? are funnel coned shaped storm that could go up to the wind speed could go up mph up to 72 and 32 meters (per hour.) if you want to be save during a tornado like, there are some useful stuff to keep you alerted and signs too such as like radio weather, news or newspapers to keep you aware. Now for the signs like just in case your country or state starts a tornado and you wanna know hints or clues letting you there is a tornado zone, like the sky could be dark and a greenish color and a large amount of hail.

As I was talking about in my para

Quick facts of Tornadoes🤓🌩

Did you Also know? Tornadoes they could also strike quickly, with little or no warning. they could also may appear nearly transparent until dust and debris are picked up or a cloud forms in the funnel, Also according to this fact that I found Most tornadoes travel a few miles before exhausting themselves! In The USA arranges around 1200 Tornadoes occur in geographically unique are nicknamed "Tornado Alley".

Big tornado☄🌪

Quick summary of tornadoes

Tornadoes are cone funnel shaped clouds.

Tornadoes are s


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