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Meeting the Brief

Raising Awareness: Utilising key impact display & video units that are proven to drive clicks & video completions. These will lead to higher quality user visits. Units are dynamic to Geo, environment, user data, TOD & DOW.

Drive Bookings: All units proposed will feature strong CTAs to drive to site that will be supported by dynamic messaging. Exposed users can be re-targeted with direct offer messaging based on level of interest shown.

Reaching the Audience: A combination of site placements suited to mums with kids under 12, utilising additional data & contextual targeting. Ads served at convenient points of a mum's busy daily schedule when they have those sacred moments to themselves.

Reporting: We are able to track: Impressions, viewed impressions, video quartiles, dwell times, clicks and engagements. Engagement hot spots on the creative can be included to show where a user interacts with the creative. This can then be used to tailor messaging on future campaigns. Custom reporting is also available for any specific requirements.

Achieving Value & Brand Safety: Accountable buying Metrics (CPC/V, cCPM, CPE) to ensure guaranteed video views or positive engagements. AV opportunities or Nielson Study based on spend level, FOC content builds.

Cross Platform: All units built can run cross platform, in most cases creative will remain the same but may need to be edited for certain mobile placements.

Formats: All formats will allow a user to skip/exit the creative easily. This isn't a mandatory requirement, creative can run without skip options if required.

Creative Targeting Concept

Key to converting the user will be reaching them at convenient points of their busy daily schedule, when they get those sacred moments to themselves, i.e whilst kid/s are at school/nursery/childminder, commuting, lunch at work, evenings.

To achieve this all creative units will be dynamic to ensure only the most relevant messaging is delivered to users at the right moment for consideration.

Using audience data segments the campaign will be split into two age groups: > 5 'Tots' and >12. Each age group will be targeted with creative that focusses on activities more relevant to them I.e. Balanceability, Play-Doh, Tots Fairgrond, Tots Disco, for those >5. Go Karts, Arts & Crafts, Archery, Superslam Wrestling for those >12.

Geo & proximity targeting can be applied to target users that are within a certain radius of the different Butlin sites for added efficiencies.

With Christmas only just finished, decisions will be price led. Re-enforcing that deposits are from only £10pp, will help to drive more bookings.

This coupled with price lead dynamic messaging based on: Date - targeting price offers based on date so 'February Half Term' offer in Jan. Day - 'Term Time Weekends' messaging could be delivered between Wednesday (to) Sunday when mum is thinking about the Weekend and what to do to keep the kid/s busy. Age Group - 'Term Time Midweeks' can be pushed to parents with Under 5's.



Mums with kids under 12: netmums.com, mummypages.co.uk, reelfashion.tv, stylecaster.com, whowhatwear.com, fabulousafter40.com, redtedart.com, rainydaymum.co.uk, activityvillage.co.uk, morethantoast.org, westlondonmum.co.uk, schoolgatestyle.com, rainydaymum.co.uk, thatsyummymummy.net, ehow.co.uk/family, beingamummy.co.uk, annabelkarmel.com, activityvillage.co.uk, babies.co.uk, cafemom.com, familycorner.com, thehappyhousewife.com, madeformums.com, juniormagazine.co.uk, express.co.uk, femalefirst.co.uk, entertainmentwise.com, livestrong.com, tvguide.co.uk, radiotimes.com, sheknows.com, sofeminine.co.uk, goodtoknow.co.uk, ok.co.uk, hellomagazine.com, variety.com, Regional News sites (e.g. yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk, liverpoolecho.co.uk, manchestereveningnews.co.uk, portsmouth.co.uk etc), cardiffmumsays.com, mumofboys.co.uk, perfectlyhappy.com


Data: BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK > Mosaic Household > F Suburban Mindsets > F26 Mid-Market Families, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > B Professional Rewards > B05 Mid-Career Climbers, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > D Small Town Diversity > D18 Hardworking Families, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK > Mosaic Household > H New Homemakers > H36 Foot on the Ladder, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > C Rural Solitude, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK > Mosaic Household > F Suburban Mindsets > F26 Mid-Market Families, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK > Mosaic Household > G Careers and Kids > G32 Childcare Years, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > E Active Retirement, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > G Careers and Kids, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > G Careers and Kids > G31 Domestic Comfort, BlueKai: Branded Data > Experian - UK: Mosaic Household > J Claimant Cultures > J44 New Parents in Need, BlueKai - Experian - UK: Demographic Data > Family Lifestage > Young family no children >12, BlueKai - Experian - UK: Demographic Data > Family Lifestage > Young family no children >5

Contextual Targeting

Half Term, School Holidays, Easter Holidays, Summer Holidays, Short Breaks, Butlins, Haven, Park Resorts, Center Parks, Parkdean, Away Resorts, Woolacombe Bay, February Half Term, May Half Term, October Half Term, Justin Fletcher, British Breaks, Diversity, Water Parks, Stephen Mulheron, Britain’s Got More Talent, Circus, Aladdin

Format Suggestions

Rich Media Player

The rich media player turns a standard video ad into a high impact fully interactive brand platform that provides brands with guaranteed video completes & high volumes of quality traffic to their site.

  • Bought on CPCV or CPC metric. Loads on click to play of video player, at which point the creative expands outside of the video player either going straight into ad play or can load an intro animation for further impact.
  • The creatives large canvas is dynamic so can interchange between different messaging as the TVC plays out to enhance the videos impact.
  • Can support multiple videos in unit & different engagement features.
Average CTR: 5%, Average Eng. rate: 10%

Impact InPage

The Impact InPage is an in-text format that when in view expands to autoplay video or can just be animated. The creative pushes the text apart so that the page content isn’t disrupted in any way.

  • Bought on CPCV or CPV Metric. Loads when the user has scrolled minimum of 15% down the page.
  • Ensures messaging gets noticed even if users are viewing on mute allowing for greater resonance & reaction.
  • Social buttons, data sign ups & engagement features can be included.

Page Frame

The Skin unit offers impact branding that ensures messaging does not go unnoticed. It can run as static, flash or with video & is available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Bought on Viewable CPM metric (100% visible for 5”+).
  • High Impact visuals for maximum awareness.
  • Slider animation opportunity to allow the user to swipe the creative landscape into different scenarios.
  • Dynamic engagement opportunities to change the creative background based on user interests.
  • Video Wall allows for full screen video to play out in the creative wings.

Takeover Unit

The Takeover unit opens out as a full screen creative on page load allowing for high impact messaging & enticing visuals.

  • Bought on a vCPM metric ensuring the brand only pays for ads that are seen.
  • The Creative is completely dynamic across all devices therefore ensuring brand messaging is always clear & easily digestible.
  • All units are fully animated, can carry video & other features unique to the product in focus.
  • This gives optimal space opportunities to clearly present the View, manage, transact & stay safe points of focus as well as allowing users to discover more on the product in unit.



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