Trans Theatre Alliance Visibility. integrity. protection.

Who We Are

The Trans Theatre Alliance (TTA) is a theatrical union that represents visible and invisible binary and non-binary trans artists. Our mission is to foster a national community and protect the rights, health and livelihood of all members on an individual and group basis and provide an ally fund, legal services and resources to trans artists. It's about integrity, visibility and protection.

In the coming months, we will be meeting and organizing to ensure that (in)visible trans artists are protected, essentially coming up with a "Trans Bill of Rights" similar to the Dramatist Guild for theater companies across NY and beyond to sign in order to ensure safety and accountability.

We want to get trans actors and stage managers into AEA and on Broadway, trans writers, directors, choreographers and designers in the spotlight to create new work, trans dramaturgs and consultants paid and paid fairly, and most of all, we want everyone to be safe and treated with respect. We're also planning partnerships with other trans organizations to ensure accessibility and education, as well as the Ally Fund for cis individuals, theater companies and organizations to donate their space, time and money to trans artists.

Change begins with a community coming together. Representation matters. This organization is owned and operated 100% by trans people.

Our Team

Our organization is entirely owned and operated by trans artists and community organizers. Follow our journey online as we build TTA from the ground up!

The Ally Fund

The Ally Fund is an opportunity for cis individuals, theaters and organizations across the country to donate resources including funding, time, rehearsal and performance spaces to trans artists.

Due to the construction of our site, we are currently taking inquiries online. For more information, please email TransTheatreAlliance@gmail.com