Life Thru Jillian's Eyes By Jillian C. Hurley

I started photography in the Phillipines, so I could show my (late)mom all the wonderful things I saw while snorkelling. Pretty soon I couldn't hold my breath long enough to get the picture I wanted so I got my Scuba certificate. I was off to the races, took my first underwater picture on my first dive after graduating. I got so involved in what I could see and how to best capture it, the next thing I know I was out of air and giving the dive master the ohhhh dear I'm in trouble signal, needless to say I always always put my air usage first and for front when I'm down, no matter how great the shot could have been.

All the photos I post are completely raw, as I haven't advanced enough to edit them.

Thru all of this my (late) mother and half of the sate of Idaho, all of my Filipino friends who live on that beautiful island called Batangas (most of them have never been in the ocean let alone seen what was under its surface) and my many new friends and family in Australia have ohhhe'd and awed over the underwater shots. I have since then moved to Queensland Australia where i live in a beautiful place called, Ball Bay. My pictures have taken another turn and so has my life with all the changes , it is my hope to be able to show more people the wonders as I see them.

Canberra Australia

Hope you enjoy this presentation of LifethruJillian'seyes.

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A reenactment for a Stephen King mini series captured in Dallas Tx 2015

Angles in the sky over Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

The wonders I find in my front yard

Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

Out the plane window

Pygmy seahorse Philippines

Manta shrimp, Phillipines

Out the window someplace over Arizonia, USA I think

Close up of a Crown of Thornes star fish, Phillipines

Nudibranch, Philippines

Only comes out after the sunsets, Phillipines

Starfish, Phillipines

Sea cucumber, Phillipines


Starfish, Phillipines

Shrimp Phillipines

Shrimp on a starfish

Coral in the Phillipines

Flounder, Philippines

Puffer fish, Phillipines

Eel, Phillipines

Clam, Phillipines

Pipefish, Phillipines

Puffer fish, Phillipines

Twin Falls, Idaho

Whale spouts, Seaforth, Queensland, Australia

Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Crab and balls, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Wildlife Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Sunrise, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Frost, Fairfield, Idaho

Midnight, light fun, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Moon, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Super moon, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Cuddle fish, Phillipines

Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Sunset, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Rock pool on top of glacier, Alaska, Usa

Blue Lakes Blvd, Twin Falls, Idaho

Fun with fire, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Steel wool on the beach, Ball Bay, Queensland, Australia

Bullhead City, Arizonia

For my Loving Mother Pauline Kay Whaley 1940-2016. May she rest in Peace

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