Macbeth by mayci elliott

To give you a basic rundown of Macbeth and what it's about, I will be summarizing/shortening the story for your better understanding.

The story Macbeth takes place in Scotland in the early 1600's. Macbeth himself is a general. He comes in contact with a group of witches who end up notifying him that, eventually, he will become the King of Scotland. Once hearing this, Macbeth grows very determined to become King, with his wife, Lady Macbeth's, help. In fact, Lady Macbeth is just as determined as her husband is. Macbeth ends up hiring a group of people to murder one of his fellow general pals due to the fact that he is scared of Banquo's heirs will inherit the throne once the King is gone. He also has them kill Banquo's son, Fleance. However, the group doesn't end up killing Fleance. A feast takes place and Macbeth is "blessed" with the presence of his good pal, Banquo, whom he had assassinated and is now a ghost. Of course Macbeth is terrified after this visit from Banquo, so he pays a visit to the witches, from earlier in the story. Once he arrives, the witches notify him of these specific demons; They then warn him of Macduff, who has it out for him due to his disagreement to Macbeth inheriting the throne and title as King. Once Macbeth hears that Macduff is in England, he gives out orders to have Macduff's family murdered and have his castle be taken over. Well, the news gets out to Macduff and he is NOT happy about this. Macduff then brings his army together to battle Macbeth's. During this, Lady Macbeth goes a bit crazy in the head and takes her own life. Macbeth is then extremely depressed, but still goes on with the battle. During the battle, Macbeth and Macduff finally come face to face and that is when Macduff tells Macbeth that he was not born from a woman, instead he was "untimely ripped" from his mother at birth. Macbeth doesn't stop fighting, however. His fighting wasn't powerful enough because Macduff ends up killing him and then cutting his head off.

To make a long story short, Macbeth wanted the throne, didn't get it, and the King (Malcolm) remained King of Scotland. What a twisted, happy ending.


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