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Frequently asked questions

What is the role and mission of the Catholic Church?

What is the basic mission of the Catholic Church? What is the role that the Catholic Church plays on this world, ultimately what is the church's goal at the end of all this? According to the response to that question is, the mission of the church is to win souls for Jesus Christ and to work to build God's Kingdom on Earth. How exactly will we "build God's Kingdom on Earth?". Because every person is created in the image and likeness of God, "to build God's Kingdom" summed up means to create a whole that reflects the inmate God- given, dignity and worth of every human being. The Church's mission is to proclaim and model an authentic vision of love that gushes from God's own heart to each person. Truly at the end the Church helps very individual fulfill what God set them out to do, which is ultimately a loving union with God and each other (

What is the new evangelization?

The new evangelization is basically described by John Paul II as where people who were once practicing Catholics and baptized, no longer practice the faith and do not concise themselves part of the church. These people have separated themselves from God and his message to us all. The new evangelization is more of a "re-evangelization" in the way that it is a mission that reaches out to Christians who have fallen away from the faith. In the new evangelization, the focus is put to bring these fallen people back to practicing the faith and living a life close to Christ ( The term "new evangelization" was first introduced by John Paul II and continued Pope Benedict XVI when he called for the repurposing of the gospel to those people who need to return to their lives in the church and practicing the Catholic faith ( since there was a notice on the decline of practicing Catholics, Pope Emeritus continued the mission of the new evangelization and established The Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization (

How is the new evangelization similar and different to the evangelization methods of the early church?

the new Evangelization is similar in many ways to the early Evangelization methods of the early church. In the early church, apostles were called to preach the word of God and missionaries were sent to spread the messages and continue the work that Jesus had started on earth. In a similar way, now there are presets and preachers who also spread the word of God and continue the work Jesus started. A difference though, is in the new methods that our modern era has brought in order to aid in the spreading of his message. Presently we are open to a variety of social media platforms that allow easy access for the information on Christ that we seek. In addition to this, another difference is that in the early church, preachers attempted to teach people who had not believed in Jesus before and were unfamiliar with the religion. In the new evangelization though, it is like re introducing people who have fallen off of the religion to be living a life of a practicing Catholic.

How is the new evangelization relevant to this campaign?

the new evangelization is relevant to this campaign because we are trying to reach out with all these forms of social media and information on Christ to help those who have fallen off of the practicing of the Catholic religion. We are attempting to re introduce the religion to non practicing Catholics. Since the goal of new evangelization is to do this, we are applying the goal to our campaign and messages in order to get those fallen people back on the path of God and back to living a life where they can live with Christ happily and peacefully knowing they are doing as God intended and are loved by Jesus Christ.

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