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Meet Pastor Ed Tandy McGlasson

Ed Tandy McGlasson is the founder and executive director of The Blessing of the Father Ministries. He is a pastor, church planter, evangelist, best-selling author, renowned conference and corporate event speaker, and a five-year veteran of the National Football League (Giants, Jets, and Rams).

Ed has captured the hearts of audiences around the globe through the sharing of his personal story—from the loss of his father before he was born, to playing in the NFL, to being clueless as a young dad, to eventually meeting the Father he always wanted. Most men want to be a great father, but many never had a present, loving father to show them how. Ed's message gives hope to men that it's never too late for them to change their story. When that happens, communities and churches change!

Ed is a trusted friend of many churches because of his focus on supporting pastors, empowering believers, and equipping the local body. With thirty-two years of experience pastoring a church, he understands the importance of the local pastor and church within a community.

New York Giants - 1981

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Our Mission

"The extraordinary thing about receiving the Blessing of the Father is that it begins to heal the deepest part of a man's story—his identity. That place inside of him that's still waiting for his dad's blessing. The Father's Blessing enabled me—a broken down ex-football player, self-focused man, and pastor on burnout—to become the man, husband, and father He called me to be. It is a profound thing to be loved and fathered by God the same way Jesus was!" -Ed Tandy McGlasson

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typical weekend?

Weekends begin with a men's event on Friday evening with an additional session(s) Saturday. The event ends with an optional Coaching Q & A session to help answer some of their biggest questions about family. For Sunday Services, we do an evangelistic "Blessing of the Father" outreach message, providing your community with an opportunity to invite their neighbors. We have seen tens of thousands of people saved during these weekend services as they encounter Jesus and His Father's Blessing for the first time!

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Mens Conferences

It is never too late to transform your story!

Pastor Ed has been sharing The Blessing of the Father message at men's conferences for over twenty-three years. Most men want to make a difference in their life, but many never had a present father or had a dad who was too broken to show them how. They feel alone in their story, isolated and ill-equipped to be the man, husband, and father God has called them to be.

We help men discover the potential they have in Christ to be the man, husband, and father their family needs. It's never too late for them to transform their story! When a man begins to heal from his father-wounds, profound healing starts in his heart as the love of the Father renames, restores, and reshapes him into the kind of man, father, and husband who makes a difference.

Men will learn to:

  • Become the man and father God has called him to be
  • Live out their true identity as the beloved sons of the Father
  • Restore their broken relationships with their kids and spouse
  • Be a good man, husband and father that changes the world

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Ed, thank you for the powerful message! The weight you lifted last night is far, far greater than any NFL record could come near! Seeing a room filled with men with arm’s outstretched to receive the will of God being called to be leaders, starting in their own homes was great! Micah 6:8 coming to life! - Michael. H

The first time I was blessed by the ministry of Ed Tandy McGlasson was about 20 years ago at a Vineyard men’s conference in the mountains of central California. The conference was a new experience for the 60+ men in attendance and final night of the conference was extraordinary. Not only did we receive a call as men but God also humbled us. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I will never forget that night. I know it changed my life. - Al. C

I am a father of two daughters and one son, ages 9, 5 and 10 months respectively. I struggle every day to be the man that God wants me to be and the father I know my children need. My grandmother gave me your book as a gift and I couldn’t believe the tears that began to well up inside me after I began to read the first few pages. I guess the whole reason I’m writing this is to say “thank you” for writing a book that keeps me motivated and helps me better under- stand my role. -Michael. S

I grew up without my dad around and now my kids are growing up without their dads. I am going to show them how much God and I both love them and break this cycle of looking for love outside of God! Truly, an amazing message! -Sarah. H

"It Is Never Too Late TO Transform Your Story." - Ed Tandy Mcglasson